Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Singapore

Well, what do you know... this nation is 42 today. Happy Birthday Singapore!

I have applied for leave off work on Friday to relieve me off from all the going-ons of work-related stress, and reward myself with a long weekend.

Today, our planned to leave home early in the morning for a good camping spot at Changi Beach Park was interrupted by the sudden heavy downpour. Though it was unfortunate to our plan, everyone stayed in bed longer... just because it was comfortable to curl and cuddle up in bed in the cool morning.

It was that good that all of us woke up late instead; changed our plan for the obvious... to watch the fireworks at Marina Bay this evening at 8:00pm today. It was touted to be a big show-off this year at the new bay-view location.

Till then, we would go around shopping, take leisure walks by the waters and later have our dinner at a new-found restaurant Sfahi at Shaw Centre, a recommended place by my Sister.

From there we will be heading to Marina Bay for the fireworks and floats. Hopefully we get a good spot to set-up my camera and try to capture some good firework shots there.

Enjoy your National Day celebrations everyone.


  1. I love fireworks. There were fireworks at my 30th High School Reunion. They inspired me with their one shot at glory.

  2. I hope you all had a great time, Happy Birthday Singapore!

  3. have fun and enjoy the celebration bro!

  4. So my birthplace is only 42 years old hey? How I would have loved to share in these celebrations.


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