Monday, April 02, 2007

We're Whole Again

My family is whole again!

In a way... since we had our shop, Wifey were always stuck tending to it, while our son had been stuck to his computer and friends to actually spend some time with us as a family.

Well, Sunday was hopefully the start of many more family outings and time spent together again other than at home watching TV and sleeping.

First off, we had lunch at Bedok Food Centre at Old Bedok Road, off Upper East Coast Road.

I was excited inside to have both my favourite people eating out with me together... without having Wifey to rush to open the shop or our son back home.

So excited inside, everything there looked extra delicious. I ordered several dishes that, I have to admit, were just too much for a 3-person meal. We had Ayam Penyet each with Tom Yam Soup and Baby Kailan in Oyster Sauce.

Wifey and I had Teh Tarik , tea with condense milk and froths, while our son had Milo Dinosaur... well you can figure out what drink that is... an over-sized chocolate drink with a heap of chocolate power on it in ice.

Fortunately I was too slow to order Satay, skewered barbecued beef in peanut sauce, else I do not think we could finish them since Wifey is not a big eater. I ended-up eating the leftovers from Wifey's and our son's

Wifey was excited too. Knowingly so, she had been liberated from the shop. Well, at least for a month. She suggested going shopping after our lunch, but before that, our son had his hair cut at a Malay Barber Shop across the road where the hawker centre was.

Then off we went to IKEA Tampines over at Tampines Avenue 10 where we pretty much had decided how our new shop should look like and what display furnitures we should buy. Bought a few stuff for the home, and the sofa bed covers for our son's room.

That was where we met my Mom and Dad, my 3 sisters and their husbands, as well as our nieces. Fantastic! They were going shopping there as well.

We had dinner together at Courts Megastore Box Foodcourt, just beside IKEA.

Then off we went to Giant Hypermart at Tampines Avenue 10. A first visit for Wifey... a total bore for our son! Picked-up some groceries for the home as well as some packed food and essentials to bring for our trip on Wednesday to Bangkok, Thailand. Yes!

A full day outside was invigorating for all since we were all together again, in a long while. More weekends should be like this! I'm looking forward to them.


  1. It sounds wonderful Imran..for all of your family to be together doing things and enjoying one anothers company instead of the "status quo".

    I hope your feeling better and that you and your family have a great "well deserved" vacation.

    When you come back I won't be on my pc, so much to take care of before leaving on my vacation"! I've been so busy trying to get last minute things done, paying my bills due, doing my yard work, mowing my lawn and making arrangements for someone I hired to take care of my cat and get my mail while I'm gone,etc.

    So, you all have a wonderful time and I will "Read" you when I get back.

    May the Angels keep you "Safe" on your trip.



  2. Gosh, you certainly have a good appetitie Imran.
    Every time I read your blog, I always come away with a rumbling tummy!!
    I would love to taste some of the dishes you describe and photograph. Yum.
    Glad you enjoyed your day of ''retail therapy'''s good for you.

  3. Hahah I read Bedok as Bedrock, as in the Flinstone..
    Hope you enjoyed your family-time, can never have to much of quality time with the ppl you love.

    Oooh Milo Dinosaur sounds yummy, your son has impeccable taste! And I love IKEA, I basically live in an IKEA store – abt 80% my furniture are from there… I just love building the furniture – like adult puzzle.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day- and that food looks fantastic!
    I've never been to IKEA, but I want to go sometime.

  5. You guys had a real cool day. I am happy for you. Spending time with family is important. Time moves fast you just can't tell till you're50 miles past your exit.

  6. I hope you will more of these outings. Families need them!

  7. It's so nice to be with the ones you love. Enjoy those precious family times Imran. They go by so fast and before you know it your young son will be grown with a family of his own. Sounds to me that you will still be close even then. I too am close to my family even my parents. It's wonderful to keep that relationship alive. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I have dedicated a post to our friend, Dirk_Star, here.

  9. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  10. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by. I have returned from our Bangkok trip. A good trip indeed.

    Rhiannon | Yes it certainly is great to have everyone together again, even for a month.

    Well, I had my fun, now it is your turn to relax and do other interesting thing than the normal daily routine.

    Have a good and safe trip and back. Talk to you again soon.

    Ellen | You are right, when I am happy, my appetite kicks in. When I am really down, I could touch a thing. Total opposite, I guess.

    When you're in Singapore, give me a tinker and I will introduce you to the many types of Asian food here.

    It's like a melting-pot food paradise here due to the fusion of diverse races we have here.

    Crashy | I guess one can be mistaken for that, yeah.

    Bedok means Big Drum in Malay. It was used long ago when there was no loud speakers, to call on to the villages for prayers and any emergencies, just like bells are used for churches.

    I can appreciate what you mean. I love self-assembling IKEA stuff after buying. It gives me satisfaction once done.

    LizP | When it's spicy food, it always looks red and inviting to me.

    We had a very good and satisfying meal all together since our favourite is the Thai seafood soup - Tom Yam.

    C-Dell | You are right, Bro. That is why I cherish every moment I get to spend time with my family and parents like you.

    Love them dearly and time definitely moves much faster than you wish it would.

    Carol | Yes, I agree. I intend to create more of these time together to keep the bond strong.

    This is something my parents have with their children. I like it and intend to do the same.

    Wandi | We had a great time. With some efforts to keep the family close and communication always open, I intend to do this forever.

    I hope to continue with a larger family when my son grows up and has his own family close together with us.

    Buchieboy | I will check out what dedication you have for our friend Dirk.

    Happy belated Easter to you all. Hope you had a great day with your family and loved ones.

  11. Imran - I hope your family can find a way to be together more often. I'm so glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

  12. Hello Barbara,

    I am hoping for more of this family-together time happening often even after our new shop opens.

    We recognized the need and figure we may need a helper at the shop once it is stable.

    Rest days for Wifey and enjoyable family time for everyone too.

    Have a great weekend.


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