Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm Going Green

"Do you bring your shopping bag, Sir?"

It triggered me first when I saw the green eco-friendly shopping bag on the cashier's counter before it was my turn to be served. Oh yes, today is the first Wednesday of the month.

Today is the first time the NEA or National Environment Authority of Singapore launches a "Bring Your Own Shopping Bag" campaign for shoppers to use recyclable shopping bags instead of the widely used plastic bags.

Stopping by Shop & Save Supermarket after work, I bought a few groceries and snacks for home as well as to keep some in my desk at the office.

"No, I want to buy the shopping bag, please. How much is it?" I asked willingly.

Not so much to pay 10 cents for every piece of plastic bag you will need to fill your purchases in though, but to support any effort to save the environment. Monies collected today will be channeled for this cause... and there will be more green days ahead.

The recyclable shopping bag bearing the supermarket's name and logo costs only 70 cents. Why not?! I consider this my long-time yearning to have a hand in saving the environment... however minute it may be.

The bag is durable, having a good and comfortable handle to carry my purchases in. I kind of like it and should bring it along for my next grocery shopping.

I think this is an ingenious idea to get people in Singapore to switch from plastic bags to eco-friendly shopping bags. There are people who got a surprise at the checkout counters today, and unfortunately were irritated at the idea of having to pay for each plastic bag they need instead of getting them freely with their purchases.

I believe persistence is the key here as it takes time to make everyone a little environment friendly with very little inconvenience at the start. It will eventually be a normal part of our island life here, hopefully.

It is but for a good cause, a greater good because we only have one planet earth.

Like the ingenious advert I really like that says, "Save our planet. It's not like we can go shopping elsewhere."


  1. You are so right Imran. I am ashamed to admit that I do not always do my part in saving the environment. When I do go to the grocery store it is usually last minute and I forget to bring my own bags. There is only one store in my city that offers the choice to bring your own bag. It is called Super Store. The rest of the stores make you take there bags. Next time I do go for groceries at this store I will have to keep extra bags in my car or pack to take with me. Great reminder. Thanks!

  2. I wish they would start charging people here. The plastic bags in the trees are such an eyesore.

    Glad to hear you're doing your part, I expected nothing less.

  3. "Save our planet. It's not like we can go shopping elsewhere."

    That just cracked me up.. hehehe

    But yeah, you are right, we haven't inherited the earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children.

    Luckily, sweden is famous for being environmental friendly and recycling.

    In the word of John lennon: "Think globally, act locally"

  4. Yes, they have similar campaigns here in the UK. It's down to each and every one of us, young and old to do ''our bit''.


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