Friday, April 27, 2007



  1. I have not been here in a while I hope you will continue to stop by my spot. I really missed blogging, but I have school stuff that is taking up my time. I Good post. Keep it up, friend.

  2. seem to find all the good ones...I really must have a go at this. I had a go at the ''how cluttered is your mind'' one and mine was 70%...eeww. Time for a clear out I think.
    Hope you have had a good week-end friend.

  3. Ha, I just did's the result...hmmm.

    You're a visionary in many people's eyes — able to think outside the box to come up with your own solutions. You are not necessarily creative in the artistic sense, but because you can expand your mind to do things differently it might take a while for colleagues to recognise and reward you for your entrepreneurial spirit and abilities.

    You make it hard for people to pigeon hole you so you need a job that allows you to play to your strengths, break out of the mould, and truly excel.


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