Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Night Of Songs

Never thought that a week night can be so enjoyable.

The safe and lazy side of me prefers to go straight home after work and be with my family, watch some TV and get some surfing and blogging done, all in the comfort of my home.

With the exception of a Friday night, where I would normally drag Wifey and Sonny for dinner out, simply because the next day is not a working or school Saturday. It always tricks my brain to think that my weekend seems longer when Sunday evening comes.

Last Wednesday opened the possibility that sometimes it is worth the hassle to be out on a weeknight spending time, still with my family but in a different setting.

Wifey and I received an invitation from Sonny's school principle to attend their choir performance at The Esplanade. We got complimentary tickets for two to watch the award winning neighbourhood school's choir at the sprawling concert hall.

Not like me to be out on a weekday. For be it like me to watch live choir performances. But I accepted out of obligation since the principle herself text Wifey to get us tickets.

I was glad I obliged because the night was fabulous!

I found myself seated beside a beautiful Wifey... all dressed in her black flowery dress looking elegant, and in the same row as the principle herself! I dressed up extra smart to work to complement Wifey as a couple and went straight to the concert right after.

I saw Sonny just before the concert started. He was dressed so smartly with his long-sleeved black shirt and a dark gray vest, and black slacks... becoming of a smart young gentleman. He was holding a flower to give his choir friend after the performance.

I truly enjoyed the choir especially two of their interpretations of a Swahili song and one of the renaissance composition... I have totally forgotten the song titles but I just love the way it done.

The concert hall was packed. I only realized that it was full house when the choir conductor mentioned it. A sold-out concert at a bigger venue! Amazing.

The mostly young crowd loved the choir's rendition of The Circle of Life song from the Lion King movie, with the comical acts thrown in, complete with sounds of jungle animals in the background. Truly entertaining.

Truly talented young people. Truly deserving of their gold awards at the international festival in Prague, Czech Republic, tops among the 55 choirs from 15 countries!

It really beat the stay-home weekday routine where our lives practically revolve around flat screens in our home... our LCD TVs, computer monitors and yes, the games on the iPhones too.

I have to be thankful to Sonny's school principle Ms Chong for the invite. The school exposes Sonny to so many experiences and options, and it gives the parents the same opportunities too!

Thank you Dunman Secondary School!

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