Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 Good Deeds

I was busy with lots of stuff at work this morning.

I was not swamped so much with work actually, I found myself suddenly an unofficial helpdesk as soon as I sip the first cup of my coffee at breakfast.

My iPhone beeped. It was from a friend who needed my urgent help to check for him on the dates and name of the consultants that we had our medical and automotive standards training from.

I had to quickly finish my breakfast and started pulling out files of our training materials. Texted him back and received a warm thank you from him. He was to have his job interview that morning. I wished him well.

Good deed number one... done!

As I was putting back my files, my Outlook prompted an email received from a friend who was formerly a coworker. She Skyped me the day before asking for my help. She needed to leave instructions to her newly employed Indonesian maid on the house chores and caring for her kindergarten daughter.

She is leaving for Germany next week for 2 weeks... early into her new job of one week. Her husband is stationed in China, so the poor daughter is left without both of her parents for the span of time.

Fortunately the little child is very close to both her grandparents who will care for her with the maid's help.

My job was to help translate her English instructions into Malay language for the maid to understand her daily tasks, care for child and the house.

Twenty minutes later, I replied her email with the translations in the Excel spreadsheet she attached before. Phew!

Second good deed done!

"Hi Imran." Came a colleague to my desk bearing a few letters for me to look at.

I promised to help him with writing an appeal letter for his claim from the building management. His parked car was hit by a fallen tree branch resulting in a broken tail light and a few scratches on the paint job on the driver's side.

It happened a few weeks ago and he has been corresponding with the building management for compensation until he came to a gridlock when they repudiated his claim.

He gave all the evidences with pictures, date and time it occurred and even papers from the meteorological report on the said date. All the efforts to prove that the pruning of the trees were not carried out properly that resulted in the dead branch falling onto his car.

I had to spend over an hour, looking through the pictures, reports and letters, and like and unofficial investigator found that the my colleague's claim cannot hold much ground.

I explained to him my findings from a neutral party and gave him CASE contacts for legal advice instead if he still thought otherwise and wished to pursue his claim.

He accepted my point of view and thanked me wholeheartedly. I was not able to help him more or the way he wanted, but at least he saw another point of view and legal contacts if he needed.

Third good deed of the day done.... and it was only 10:40AM. Wow!

Three is a charm... so back to work! I was feeling good that I was of some help for someone.

Now I hope my boss does not read this.

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