Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Good Times

All packed and ready to go.

Then Sonny reminded us that he had a school concert to go to... fine.

"But I have to wear something retro..." he quipped asking for help at the final hour, continued when he got our attention "something in the 70's."

Out came my old clothes in Wifey's hands. Am I stuck in the rut of the 70's? Yikes!

Sonny can now fit my clothes... clothes that Wifey stashed somewhere deep in my closet, a place I have not "been in" for the longest time. The clothes when my waist size was a shapely 29... 30 inches, complemented by my long-lost six-pack abs. Now, my abs are just... packed. Sigh!

Sonny tried the ensemble on and ended-up looking like a teenage version of me, with my "70s" clothes... all thin and lanky; all innocent looking. Innocent of the erroneous fashion statement of my yesteryear.

He had my expensive black baggy pants on, my black short-sleeved shirt and my beige-brown pin-stripe vest. Wifey accented his look with her large crystal brooch with a dangling chain, clipped-down to his chest. He was to leave home by 7:00PM for the concert that was to start on 7:30PM.

Finally, Wifey and I headed to our weekend sanctuary... Changi Beach Park.

Sunset view from Changi Beach

The sun was setting as we had our picnic dinner by the beach, on a large canvas, sprawled open on the white sandy beach under a flowering tree.

As we eat, we watched the sun setting, while the tree continually showered its bright yellow flowers onto us. Wifey ended-up play five-stone using the flowers. Cute.

The mat, the radio, the white sandy beach. Perfect day out

With the radio on, we chatted much about many things but predominantly about Sonny, how he was enjoying the concert... what his friend are saying about each others' 70's outfits.

While Wifey was busy playing her Popstar! Lite game on her iPhone, I was busy practicing my take on night photography... under very low light.

I could not resist being drawn to her iPhone games, not with her quirky antics while playing it. I ended up downloading the same game on my iPhone and getting expert tips from her. She even introduced me to a new game called Titanic... a very noisy game. An equally fun game.

Wifey playing Popstar! on her iPhone

So, for a while there, this couple was busy playing video games on the iPhone while soaking the sea breeze and at times watching large ships, with their colourful lights piercing the darkness and casting dancing shows on the water while it cruised pass us.

We headed home by cab and got a glimpse of Sonny's school, Dunman Secondary, when we passed along Tampines Avenue 9. The school hall was still brightly lit. I imagined Sonny having lots of fun with his friends...

Our Radio bombarded with cheery yellow flowers

"We don't have such thing during our time, right Ayah?" Wifey asked for confirmation. Nope! We did not have such thing then. Times were very different then than now. Everything is so convenient and safe now... from public transport to living infrastructure.

For the first time, Sonny was still out with his friends after 11:00PM, surpassing his folks!

Keeping really still for long exposure without flash photography

Sunset at Changi Beach

Fishing & frolicking with the wharf lit as the background

Changi Beach Park by night with campers

Changi Beach resident cat with granite-rock camouflaged

Changi Beach mystic of Ram & Chimp faces on a tree trunk

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