Friday, September 25, 2009

Raya Celebrations Continue

Unexpected, Wifey's eldest brother called to say that he was coming to our home for the Raya visit. The family had arrive in Singapore the night before after a 5 to 6 hour-long drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Wifey was delighted to receive the call as I had gathered because she woke me up from my abrupt sleep to tell me the news and asked me to get ready.

I was down and out after I had popped in tons of drugs from the doctor to treat my nasty flu and congested lungs that had been killing my spirits against my better, joyful nature to celebrate Raya since last Thursday.

While she was busy preparing food in the kitchen for our guests that were coming over, I bathed the second time to refresh myself and try to stay focused.

The time is never right when you are sick but hey, it is Hari Raya so visiting and celebration are in the cards whether you like it or not. More so when guests have a big heart to come from so far away to our home.

I like it a lot... but I hate the state I was in... buffed with full of medications, I was like a zombie with pale complexion, muffled hearing and imploding-jello-jiggled-head. I knew I would not remember half the conversations we would have had for the night, the very next morning.

They called my bluff the minute they stepped into our home. My face was like an open book! Well, most probable there were prefaces about my current health given out my Wifey herself and my beloved mother-in-law who was worried for me.

The conversation were kept simple. Thank you Bro!

Mostly catching-up on each other after a couple of years apart. Some conveniences in terms of transportation his part of the world has now that will make it easy for us to travel by train from Singapore.

Apart from Wifey, Sonny had the best time of all that night. With lots of silly and quirky poses they took pictures of themselves around the house, the four cousins were having a great time together uploading pictures into Facebook and starting to "Accept Friends" with each other.

Facebook is BIG this year with everyone to keep in tough... both for the young and old!

Brother-in-law broke he happy news that he and his spouse are going on a pilgrimage to Mecca this year. Something that Wifey and I would want to do later in our lives.

They both are waiting for the final approval from their Malaysian government to set off on a month-long pilgrim, celebrating Hari Raya Aidil'Adha, another important Muslim day of celebrations, in the holy land this coming November 2009.

Note to Wifey, Brother-in-law and family do not like spaghetti meat-balls! They tried their hardest to finish the food Wifey specially prepared for them but alas, none could finish a plate and had to be thrown away.

Oh well, more for us I guess. Sonny and I were the first to finish the uneaten leftovers because it is one of our favorite dish... one man's poison is another man's antidote... even if the taste buds were a little off as a result of my flu medicines.

What makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, in spite of drugged state of being that night, was the honest feeling I felt when Brother-in-law and I exchanged wishes and seek forgiveness from each other and hugged.

It made my lousy day all better with a renewed sense of well being that everything is wonderful. Family bond is beautiful and priceless.


  1. I hope you feel better now. My PC switching is nearly finished, but far enough now to get my blog reading restarted. I was thinking of you just this morning while watching the Singapore F-1 race.

    Amazing how much things have changed since I was born. When I left the farms in 1962 there was still no running water or electricity to them. Now, unless living off the grid as many here do, everyone seems able to push but a few buttons to communicate with much of the world. My daughter who lives in the Philippines near Manila already had power back & e-mailed me to let me know they were fine as their new house is on a hillside. Just a few short years ago I'd still be trying to get a phone call through to her.

    Also, I was watching a show about Malaysia and realized how much I miss the call to prayer. It seems I no longer even heard it after awhile of living where it's a fixture of daily life. Odd how hearing it made me sort of homesick for places that were home for so many years.

  2. Hello Mike,

    Thank you for the well wishes.

    I am so intrigued by your past experiences living in Asia. I would love to read more about your childhood experience in this part of the region as I am curious about your parents association here.

    Would love to read and know more about you if you could link me to your older blogs about yourself. I know that you're a native Indian but you sounded so familiar with Asian cultures and can be mistaken as an Asian instead.

    Is you daughter married to a Phinoy and living there permanently? Such rich experiences I would love to know more, if I'm not intruding.

    Thanks again for your thoughts. Yes, the F1 night races have finished in Singapore for the second year but I have not get myself involved or interested in it so much yet.

    The timings were not right for me to take interest on it yet. The ticket price is scarily exorbitant for one, but am happy to know that at least the sport has worldwide interest... good for a flagging local economy due to the world recession we are in currently.

    Have a great week ahead, dear friend.

  3. Thanks for sharing your Hari Raya celebrations and take care of yourself.

  4. Hi Imran, what a wonderful family you have!

  5. I have had a problem in the past leaving comments, but I think it is fixed now. Like I said before your family is lovely. Blessings to you and yours.

  6. Hello...please let me know that you and your family are all right after hearing about the earthquake in Indonesia...I had to look at an online globe to see and Singapore is so very close. I am just concerned and hope all is OK. Your families are beautiful and it is fun seeing all the joy between you.
    I went to the funeral home to see my ex-husband's body who died last Sunday night...before he was cremated. Met with his sisters and brother and nieces and nephews and, of course, his wife and her 3 sons. I have been very close to these people but hadn't seen most in many yrs and it was good to be able to give comfort and difficult to see Billy there, but not as hard for me as for all of them. Another family visitation Friday so I will go to that also.
    Sending good health and good wishes, my friend.
    Your SisSTAR Kyle

  7. Hi ~~ I came over from Wandi blog, and what a beautiful family you have. I guess cousins are the same all over the world cause when my grandchildren get together with their cousins they always take fun pictures of each other in crazy poses.
    Sorry you've been sick, and hope you are well soon. I agree with Wandi, you have such a lovely family.
    Take care ~~ Wanda from Brushstrokes!

  8. Hello Everyone!

    STST | I'm much better now though the cough lingers from time to time, but I am getting so much better that the few days into Hari Raya.

    I love this time of the year because we get to meet everyone we otherwise do not have time for with our busy Singaporean life as you and I know.

    Wandi | I'm so happy that you stopped by and started your blog posts again. I missed you for sometime and am happy to know that you thoroughly enjoyed your summer.

    I'm looking forward to reading the many stories you will be told by the little ones as they venture out to meet more cute and little people life themselves.

    Good that you don't have trouble leaving comments in my blog because I look forward to your messages.

    Kylita | Dear Sis. That you so much for your concern. Both quakes in Samoa islands and Padang Indonesia did not affect the area here.

    Though we felt tremors during the quake in Padang and aftershocks too, both were mild and did not pose any danger to us living in Singapore.

    The tremors frightened us all especially in high-rise buildings and offices, but we are all safe. It is really unfortunate that Southeast Asia is having these catastrophes - from earthquakes to typhoons in Philippines and Vietnam. A hard time for millions of people there.

    Singapore is much sheltered geographically. Not sitting on the tectonic plates and buffered by the surrounding countries against extreme weather conditions.

    Wanda | I have been to your blog several times before especially from Andrew's. We normally take normal pictures together, but since the children have grown-up, they have more say as how they want their pictures taken... the fun poses.

    The have "loosened" their old folks to take fun the electric atmosphere gets imbibed into the pictures very well.

    Thank you all for the well-wishes. Have a great weekend!

  9. Muhd, I actually grew up in Maine, USA & left Maine in 1962 and didn't come back until I retired in late 1993. My experiences with Asia (and all the other continents) were as an adult working for the US Government. I spent a number of years living in & working all over Asia, as well as about every country except the USA.

    My daughter is 1/2 filipina and in addition is married to a Philippine citizen. She's also a citizen there as are my grandchildren by her. Other offspring live in Florida, Canada, and Maine. As I have dual US/Canadian citizenship they got to choose which place in which to vote & reside. My daughter in the Manila area is a half-sister to the others.

    The only blog I have is Mike's Mixed Memories. One is enough for an old 1/2 blind one finger typing Indian to handle. If you write to my e-mail listed on my profile I'll be more than happy to 'fill in the blanks' as to years & countries. Although I was based in a country, I was still traveling all over often for most of the year. My avarage 'home' time was generally around 320 days per year. By having my family living in a nearby country I was able to get back occasionally for a few days.

  10. Hello Mike,

    Thanks for taking time to reply my curious-and-at-times prying questions. I appreciate it very much.

    I hope your daughter is safe and doing fine as the Philippines and the nearby region is have such a terrible weather right now. Hopefully not where she is staying.

    It definitely is good to have contact with your daughter every so often especially at this time.

    It is interesting to me to have the western perspective of the lives we Asian live and the inrtiguing as well as the quirks westerners think of us.

    You have the opportunity to experience and be exposed to both cultures to really appreciate things from both side, I believe.

    I'm glad that I get to know you. Thank you for stopping by now and then. Take care dear friend.

  11. Its all so colorful out here these days. Glad all is well.


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