Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Treasure Hunt

Sonny at Pandan Reservoir still lost to where the actual location was

"Ayah! Wake up!" Sonny shook me from my sleep.

"What is it..." I answered, still in a daze.

"I want to show you something..."


"This is important... come!" Sonny shook me again.

"This better be good..." I stood up and walked to his room. It was still before 9:00AM and it was not my time to wake up on a Sunday morning. Not after spending time late last night watching a movie on cable TV.

That happened last Sunday...

The fitness corner with the reservoir in the background

Sonny showed an event organised by The Great Singapore Treasure Hunt group over Facebook. It announce that the a MacBook was up for grabs... literally for any of its fans that came to West Coast Park to find the one clown, out of about 25 who had the sole treasure hunt sticker to win the notebook.

Sonny knew how much I am a fan of Apple Computers, he made me joined the group that morning to be eligible to hunt for the prize.

Wide open view from the flats facing the reservoir

So with Wifey's blessings, Sonny and I started planning our journey to be there by 1:00PM when the hunt was to begin. My iPhone 2G came in handy for the hunt since we were able to check on the go, the real-time postings updating their latest happenings on Facebook.

We left home at 11:ooAM and reached the exact West Coast Park spot stated on the map with 25 minutes to spare... but no one was there! Yikes!

We took the map shown literally. As it turned out, the West Coast Park is the actually park where the large children's playground and the landmark McDonald's were.

Pandan Reservoir maintenance jetty

We reached there not after we took the bus from the residential area and overshot all the way to Pandan Loop and Pandan Reservoir!

We flagged a cab to re-trek back to West Coast Park, reaching there 20 minutes after 1:00PM. Knowing full well that the hunt was probably over since each hunt would not last more than 15 minutes at a time.

McDonald's as landmark at West Coast Park

Nonetheless, neither of us was ready to give up since there was no fresh posting that the hunt was over. Sonny went off to the right side of the park while I took the left as soon as we alighted the cab. We were still hoping to catch at least a glimpse of the crowd or the clown... be part of the hunt crowd, at least.

After 20 minutes, Sonny called to inform that the hunt was over. The posting on Facebook with photos of a guy as the winner of a new MacBook. Silly us had not even spot one of the clowns in bright green t-shirt holding balloons in his hand at all.

Sonny running to find the clown with the prized sticker

Tracking far distances on foot during fasting month was not as taxing as I thought it was going to be. The day helped a lot since it rained in the morning and the weather was cloudy and windy at the same, the whole time was cool and I found it to be enjoyable, in fact. We were not feeling thirsty at all.

We did not win or even came close to the actual treasure hunt group at all but what was great was that we were a father-and-son team that day, working together figuring out the puzzle. That was my prize I won.

West Coast Park Camping grounds

I will do it again if there is another opportunity to go out together with Sonny to hunt for another prize. Sonny may wish to be the winner of the GSTH event but I already know what I am going to win the next time we take part.

"Let's do it again, OK?" Sonny asked while we waited for the bus to go back home. Let's!

West Coast Park children's playground

West Coast Park children's playground

West Coast Park Sailboat practice

West Coast Park sampans near camping site

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  1. Enjoyed reading about the day's events. Like you say, even though you were late for the event, you had good quality father and son time.


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