Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bus-loads Of Celebrations

Blessed to have Mom & Dad celebrating with their children

The Raya celebrations continue...

Just like previous years, just like other Malay families I have seen too, we chartered a coach for the whole day to haul our large families to visit homes of one another like a marathon which proved to be an "Amazing Race" every year.

Meeting point at my Eldest Brother's place, the bus started picking-up the families in Tampines first. We moved off to Bedok North to pick up 2nd Elder Brother before moving off to Punggol to pick up 2nd and 3rd Sis' families.

That completed the the families living in the eastern part of Singapore.

Went off on a longer journey via TPE highway to Woodlands and picked up two more families - 4th Sis' and Youngest Brother's. Mom and Dad were traveling with our Niece's family since she has difficulties climbing the steps on the coach.

That then completed hauling of the families living in the north of this island.

1st Home. Breakfast at Eldest Sis' home at Jurong West

Next destination: Eldest Sis' place in Jurong West, the western of this island. Her place was our first Raya visit this year and it was Nasi Lemak breakfast there... a very delicious Malay dish that has become very popular and has been adopted by all other races here.

Once our parents arrived we started our day-long Raya feasting, followed by a tradition of Raya family portraits at each home before we left for the next one.

Limiting ourselves to about 30 to 45 minutes per home, we were able to cover about 9 homes within the same day, like marathons we did on previous years.

2nd Home. Bunch at Youngest Brother's home at Woodlands Drive 16

It is interesting to observe the moods everyone both adults and children, throughout the entire day. We always started off happy, cheerful and so energetic in the morning. Lively chats and endless doses of jokes broke out everywhere... while in the coach, at the lift landing, everywhere.

Though the enthusiasm remained the high, the energy level wanes off significantly especially come sun down. It is not so much the sunlight that gives the energy boost, but more of the energy is concentrated to digest the loads of food we feasted throughout the day.

Endearing moment captured

Each home made their own Raya home-cooked dish specially for this visit, so after the 7th home to the last 9th, everyone has not enough blood running in the brain. The blood is mostly concentrated and working hard in the stomach area.

All that weight lost as a result of the month-long fasting during Ramadan, we manage to get it most back during this day! Loading on carbohydrates day!

The visiting route a reverse from the pick-up. After Elder Sis' home, her family joined us to visit our next sibling at Woodlands and then Tampines. Lastly, Bedok North which ended half and hour before midnight.

Visited Grandma at Tampines Ave 10

We used-up 15 hours of charter which accumulated to S$525.00, at S$35.00 an hour charge. Each family shared the cost which amounted to S$58.30, handed over to Eldest Sis who was the last to be sent home.

All in all, the day can never be traded for any other because we love to be together as one super-large family, ever stronger bonding and ever happy to be in each other company.

Ever so blessed that we still have both our parents celebrating this auspicious day this year with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren... after so much ordeal they had to endure with the health.

This Aidilfitri is extra special and will be increasingly so every coming year.

Selamat Hari Raya,
Maaf zahir batin.

3rd Home. Rojak Tahu at 4th Sis' home at Woodlands Ave 4

4th Home. Noodle lunch at 3rd Sis' home at Sengkang

5th Home. Light snacks at 2nd Sis' home at Punggol 21

6th Home. First of our Niece's home

7th Home. Eldest Brother at Tampines St 22

8th Home. My home at Tampines St 71

9th & last home. 2nd Eldest Brother's home at Bedok North


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time. What a wonderful family. Looking at the photos made me feel like I wish I was a part of the celebrations too! Family is so great and so precious. I especially loved the photo of your mom and dad sharing a tender moment.

  2. What a glorious family and time you all are having! My stomach aches thinking about all the food, but I would be aching happily ;oD
    It is heartening to see all the fun and love between you all and, yes, that your mother and father were there with you. Many blessings sent your way, dear friend.
    SisSTAR Kyle

  3. How absolutely wonderful....such great photos and happy times celebrating.

    I'm so very happy for you to have been with you family and experienced this all together.

    Lovely.....just lovely. And to be at so many homes....marvelous.

    Happy new week
    Love, jess

  4. What a practical and joyous way to celebrate together with a bus to carry you all together to the homes of your family! Happy days to you all, and thanks for sharing your blessings with us.


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