Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday, Love!

The months of June and July have always been the most interesting months in the calendar because the birthdays of all 3 of us fall in between them.

Like yesterday, the "commotion" at the front door for a birthday surprise was for me. Today the surprise was for Wifey.

I stopped by Prima Deli on my way back from work to buy her the birthday cake. I had to buy bags of groceries too at NTUC Supermarket to "hide" the surprise bag away from her attention because I know that she will open the front door for me.

Passed by Sonny room and gave a "secret" knock on his door as I entered my gym room. Sonny came out and followed me to set candles on the cake. He also already had the cigarette lighter with him.

Sonny bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers to surprise his mother too. In the bouquet were 3 red roses surrounded by white flowers and baby's breath. A wonderful gift, I think.

The last bouquet he gave her for Mother's Day is still looking fresh in the fridge.

While Wifey was preparing dinner for us, Sonny surprised her with his flowers. I think Wifey was expecting a cake but not another bouquet. Sonny made his mother so happy.

We led her to the living room where the lighted cake was waiting for her. As usual, I was armed with my camera to capture the special moment from this family as we sang her a birthday song.

Yesterday was a chocolate birthday cake for me. Today is a fresh fruit birthday cake for Wifey.

The coming weekend is already set to culminate all celebration of birthdays of my family. We intend to watch a movie - preferably Transformers if we can still get the tickets and then a scrumptious dinner to top it all of.

Camping is in the cards, but I think we will be too tired out after the celebrations. We will see.

This week has been great, we are going to make the weekend amazing too!


  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Azi... what a beautiful family and flowers and lovely cake... Very special day for all... Love and hugs dear sister... Anne & George

  2. Happy Birthday to "Wifey" (sorry to call you Wifey but I don't know your name ;oD) from SisSTAR in Michigan, USA! How exciting to have all your birthdays so close together. I told my husband, whose birthday is Sunday, that I celebrated my half birthday on June 28th. We are 6 months apart (plus I'm 2-1/2 yrs older than him).
    Have a wonderful celebration, all of you!

  3. Happy birthday to Wifey and happy times to all of you!

  4. Wow! So many people having so many Birthdays at the end of last month and this month! I'm surrounded by it and now your "Wifeys" Birthday too! Please give her my regards and wish her a "Happy Belated Birthday" for me would you? Happy Belated Birthday to your son also.

    Love and Blessings,


  5. Happy birthday! Looks like a wonderful series of feasting and celebrating that all of you are enjoying.

  6. Hello sorry I missed your Happy Birthday to you...then a Happy birthday to your lovely wife. I do hope she enjoyed that wonderful cake and i know she loved the gorgeous flowers!!!

    Hope you have a great week

    Love, Jess

  7. Wow! You guys get done with birthdays in a hurry! The love all of you have for one another is evident. You are all blessed!


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