Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Birthday Blessings

What do you know? Today is my birthday.

A year older yet I am not feeling any wiser... but what is for sure, is that I am surrounded by good friends and especially a loving family. I am blessed to have this day.

The day at the office was the same, but the friends made it really special for me. They treated me to a wonderful triple-chocolate-layered birthday cake that tasted divine!

I treated them to lunch at Banquet at AMK while the rest received a bar of Toblerone Chocolate each as a token of my appreciation for their friendship on my special day.

I could not wait to get home from work knowingly find Wifey and Sonny surprise me a birthday cake. I took off work immediately when it ended and smiled all the way home in the bus, thinking about the surprise they had planned for me.

True as expected, the front door took longer than normal to open when I rang the doorbell. Heard their whisperings inside and I saw the flickering of candle light through the peep hole. I love them already!

Wifey opened the door to let me in while Sonny approached me with the lighted birthday cake. The lights from the candles in darkened living room brightened my day all over again. They both broke out with a birthday song as I put my bag down and stood in front of the cake placed on the dining table.

Customary to this family 3 times a year, pictures were taken to immortalize our special days. Through these pictures we can see how we age, unfortunately... but our love and our care for one another binds us even closer every year.

Thank you my friends for the lovely day at the office. I appreciate our friendship throughout these years, especially when times are really bad at this present moment. We may not be working together for very long, but you are the people I will never forget when my time comes to move on.

Thank you my Wifey and Sonny for your love. I will always treasure our family and never let myself be complacent to take any of you for granted. I will always love the two of you and do the best I know how to be a husband and father, and friend.

I wish for us to be together, stay close and strong supporting each other, making this home and our lives as joyful and healthy as we possible can. Always.


  1. Happy birthday! I just love your family. If there were more families like yours, this world would be a better place.

    My birthday rolls around in about a week.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday dear friend... Hugs and that cake is beautiful ....Monkey Bear

  3. What a truly handsome, kind and loving man with such a beautiful family! Please accept this heartfelt Happy Birthday greeting from waaaay across the globe in Rochester Hills, Michigan (we call it The Mitten) The Mitten is waving hello to you and singing you a birthday song!
    Happy Birthday to Sonny too! Beautiful cakes! Thanks for reinforcing my belief in the goodness that you exude, Little Brother.
    p.s. my husband, Jeffrey's, birthday is 7/5, this Sunday he will be 55. We are planning a relaxing and fun weekend during our holiday of the 4th of July and try to do as little work as possible!

  4. Muhd I am so sorry I missed your Birthday! I'm very happy to see what a wonderful and "deserving" special day you had with your family and your fellow workers.

    You deserved the very best on you special day and I'm so glad you did get just that!

    Happy Belated Birthday my dear friend..through all these years blogging I'm so happy to still be in contact with you...and share with you.

    Love and Blessings,


  5. Imran... Abg Bear ucapkan selamat hari jadi... yang ke berapa yer.. tapi Abg Bear salute sebab boleh kekalkan wajah Imran sebaik itu... u look 20 dude.. seriusly


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