Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Prized Cat-ch

I thought it only happens to us... a one instance, a random and very isolated case, but as it turns out, a few of my family members are experiencing the same thing as we are.

It probably is a cosmic "trend" of sorts, but I would call it a "phenomenon."

Nothing serious or mind-blowing, just being a little dramatic here. It is about a cat. Yes, the common cat... stray cats to be exact.

For the past few months, we have been visited by this jack-black cat.

We would see it taking catnaps in between our flower pots, under the cool shades of the bushy plants. A nice and quite place. I would pick that spot too if I were a cat!

Since the cat did not use our flower pots as its pubic toilet, nor did it marked the pots as its territory, we let it keep the spot for its day time naps... away from other cats and busy human traffic downstairs.

One fine day, Sonny came back from school late in the afternoon. The cat followed him home.

It took the elevator with him and was stood beside him at the front our door when Wifey opened the door... looking at Wifey as if to say "Please don't shoo me away."

Looking at us with its big green eyes, hesitating a little, Wifey could not resist but to let it in our home trailing after Sonny.

We gave it the leftover cat food we had for Wednesday... our former adopted cat that left the house and has never returned since, this black cat eat it as quickly as it could.

It allowed us to stroke it as it was eating. Wifey admired it but kept herself at a distance. She had a phobia of black cats because the last one she held when she was a teenager scratched her badly.

I had an interesting surprise coming back from work several days after that day.

The black cat was already sitting and facing the front door. It did not scamper when I approached the door, instead it purred at my feet, expecting the door to open after I rang the doorbell.

Wifey opened the door and was stunned to see the black cat at my feet. She in turn stunned me by calling the cat "Lola" with such delight. Wifey and Sonny had already given it a name.

Apparently, Lola had visited our home for several days already. She already prepared the cat food in an air-tight plastic container, placed near the front door for easy reach. She was expecting Lola to come by to feed.

Yes, Lola is a female, the reason no territorial stink marks on the flower pots. Thank goodness.

Another good thing about it is that she had already been neutered, sighting from her clipped left ear. An indication done by SPCA on strays to prevent breeding while giving the cats their freedom and right to live amongst humans.

From that day onwards, Lola will come about two to three times a day for her meals. Like children during Halloween, Lola will meow at the door. We will open the door and greet her while putting food outside for her to feed.

I thought this was a unique incident until my Mom told me the same thing that happened to her and Dad. They have an adopted stray cat that came to their front door for food for the past weeks.

They have since called their cat Minah. A very common Malay lady's name. Their cat is one beautiful white feline with brownish-gray spots and green eyes. I witness what they told me one day when I visited them. I was fortunate to have my camera with me to take its pictures.

Not long after that, Second Sis told me she was visited by a female cat at her front door too. Meowing for food, Sis let it in and fed it. She has a cat of her own already but is now too old and frail.

The new comer is about a year old. It stayed for the night but fell sick with runny nose and often sneezing. Sis nursed it back to health in her home for the next four days.

The little cat recovered from her bout of flu and left her home after that. It keeps coming back only for food.

If I had known better, I would say it is the trend with cats nowadays. These cats prefer to be free to roam outside unlike "traditional" house cats I was used to when I had cats as pets while living in the village home then.

These cats come to feed, stay for a while for some human compassion and love, and then leave until their next meal. At least that is the trend with cats in Singapore, it seems.


  1. I prefer outdoor cats anyhow. Interesting entry.

  2. Wow! Isn't it amazing to see the cats choose compassionate people to help them, and you might be surprised how it can help you all also. You know I've talked about Tuffy boy a lot and how he came to me, right on our dog's grave we'd just had "put to sleep" a week or so before ... and shortly after my cousin and brother died. That will be 3 yrs ago next month and he seems like he's wandering even more than before ... which is difficult for me but I don't have the allergies with him since he's outside more than in and has even taken to sleeping out in the garage instead of the house!? He has "allowed" a lady friend to come around and get some food also, except he seems jealous if we talk sweet to her and wants to attack her. She is beautiful cream and a tiny bit light orange, much like a Siamese or Himalayan with close-set pale blue eyes which are somewhat crossed. We call her Creamy ;oD
    Well, good luck with all your felines and may the kindness you show them bring much compassion into your own lives. To Azi (is that right?) ... please don't feel bad about that one that scratched you long ago ... cats are very easily frightened, also, and I'm sure it would not have done it to hurt you. I combed Tuffy's face a few days after we let him inside and he batted me hard ... turns out there was a whisker stuck in the comb! oops!
    (sorry for the long comment...I was born in the Year of the Cat and I truly love them, even if they find a way to control all of US and we end up letting them)

  3. We love cats... Growing up I had 4 and George was always picking up strays or cats that needed a home...all of George's were black...With our pooch Kemo we can't have a cat... we had one that acted like a dog and we called her Puppy after she died of old age 20 something years old we got Kemo Sabe and he will be our last pet he's 9 yrs old and 150 lbs. so happy lola has a place to get some love and vice versa.. love the name Lola.. and the cat is good for your parents...

  4. Thanks for your post. I was having fun playing with Hammy and decided to get another one, hence, the Sloths. They only sleep, I guess, and rock a little. Kinda boring but, hey, they're Sloths! ha ha!
    Our dog had a tumor on her hip and we chose not to operate for many good reasons, and she lived 2-1/2 yrs quite well, but the tumor got the size of a bowling ball. Vet came to our home to put her to sleep and he said she wasn't really in pain, just discomfort for carrying that around. It was time for us to let her go. Tuffy is the same color as Mandy was. It wasn't a coincidence, you are right. Tuffy also sleeps around a big pot of chives in some wild violets "hiding" (he thinks). Some things, it seems, are Universal, eh? Enjoy your wkend also.

  5. I have never been overly fond of cats...I like all animals but have never wanted a cat as a pet.
    I care for ''Solomon'' the three-legged cat who belongs to Berenice.( when she goes on holiday)
    Although, I never really feel a cat belongs to a human, more the other way round...ha.
    This creature knows where she will be best cared your residence...aaww.
    I hope them little hammies are all safe and sound...eeww. It doesn't bear thinking about.
    I am a ''dog'' person of that I have no doubt.


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