Wednesday, June 10, 2009

While You're Out...

Dear Wifey,

While you are out, I feel quite awkward being home by myself. I function normally at work, but once home, I feel lost. Fortunately I have Sonny with me.

While you are out, Sonny left for his MOE Leadership Camp in early Tuesday morning. Packed with a haversack and a sleeping bag stacked in between the handles of a carry-on bag, he lugged the heavy bags and left home at 6:30am yesterday for his 4-day adventure camp organized by his school.

While you are out, Sonny was enjoying his time there with his schoolmates. I came back from work to find the house dark and totally quiet. It was very still even with the rushing movements of our always-hungry goldfish. The TV shows that kept me entertained but only for a while. The house still feels very still and I hate it.

While you are out, Sonny called asking me to help send his campfire CD he ripped but forgotten to bring to his school last night. I had to send it before they go to the adventure campsite.

While you are out, the postman came with a registered package from UK and found no one home. I got off work at the end of the day and went straight to Tampines Central Post Office to collect Sonny's Game Maker CD we ordered for his good midyear exam results. He should be very happy to find it on his desk when gets back from his camping trip.

You will not believe this, but...

While you are out, the Vice Principle from Sonny's school called me just as I was going to step into the office this morning. Mrs. Low told me that Sonny fainted while doing his morning exercises!

Yes. Unbelievable right?

This is the first time that Sonny fainted, ever!

I had to wait until she called back again to inform that they had called the ambulance to take him to Kandang Kerbau Women's and Children's Hospital. She told me to take my time getting there since her Operations Mananger Mr. Yap was with Sonny at the Children Emergency centre.

I reached the A&E in time to catch Sonny being wheeled into the consultation Room 5 by Mr. Yap. An nice and soft-spoken Indian lady, Dr. Rilly Ray told us that in spite of Sonny being unconscious for a good 25 minutes and his complaint of chest pains earlier, the X-rays of his heart and lungs revealed no abnormality.

His blood test showed all was good too but his blood sugar level was a bit low... the main suspect for the blackout. His vital signs were checked to be all good too, but Sonny appeared tired-out. With his messed-up hair, he sat sloughed in the chair while the doctor was explaining things.

Dr. Ray gave Sonny a 41-day MC to avoid any strenuous physical activities even after the school reopens. She advised that Sonny takes his breakfast before starting each day.

Sonny told me that they were doing morning exercises before cleaning-up and breakfast... somehow, coupled with last night's activities, it proved too strenuous for him.

Sonny sleeps at 10:30PM every night and wakes up at 6:00AM every morning. He usually has a quick breakfast of a hot cup of Milo and a piece of bread before he leaves for school and has a proper one at school during morning break.

His biological clock goes like... well, clockwork on weekends too. It is routine for Sonny everyday.

Most probably, he was deprived of sleep last night. They all went to sleep about 12:30AM after a strenuous, army-like regiment day of activities. They woke up at 5:00AM this morning to do more physical exercises before breakfast.

It took a toll on him. It must have been too much, too sudden, a shock to his body and his body reacted to it by shutting down. He said that he felt breathless. With mucous coming out of his nose, he had to breathe through his mouth instead but it did not relieve the symptom. He then blacked-out.

He also felt his body was just too heavy to move when he woke up this morning... a symptom of fatigue. His body was cramping up from the shock of physical exertions and lack of rest.

While you are out, Sonny told me he wanted a hot cup of Milo before we left the emergency room. We sat and talked some more about his day there and the event that led to his blackout.

Sonny sounded disappointed because he could not continue with the camping. He wanted so much to be a part especially at the campfire. He wanted to experience and was excited about the waterman-ship. He wanted so much to enjoy the whole camping experience with the lot friends there. He had been eagerly waiting for this week to come.

If it is any consolation, he got a taste of its first day. A tough day one.

While you are out, Sonny is sleeping in his room now, catching-up on his sleep and obviously recuperating.

Interestingly enough, the ambulance service, the medical tests, the doctor's consultation and the medicines - Paracetamol and Methyl Salicytate Liniment from the pharmacy did not cost us a cent. Most probably the school is taking care of the bill.

I did not ask further when the hospital staff said that there was no payment needed.

While you are out, I do not have the heart to tell you of this incident immediately. Since it is not serious and Sonny is safe home with me. I would like you to enjoy your stay as much with your Mom at her place in KL, Malaysia. I am sorry I deprive you of this incident, I just want to spare you unnecessary worries. I will tell you once you are home.

While you are out, I did all the house chores. Well, not all, but it renewed my appreciation of you nonetheless.

I successfully made coffee with our coffee maker, make the beds everyday. I feed our visiting cat before and after work and water the plants daily. I even totally cleaned the fish tank.

Oh yes, while you were out, Sonny washed and hung the laundry before I got to it. When I got home a day before he left for his camp, he was folding the clean clothes and ironed some for me.

We have an awesome child, dear Wifey.

That is as much I can tell you today, while you are out.

Wishing you come back home soon as we both miss you so much already. Love you.


  1. Sending good wishes from Rochester, Michigan USA to you ... don't be so lonely and I pray your Wifey won't be upset with you for not telling her about Sonny. I totally understand your reasoning and all is well now, but it might be good for Sonny to talk to his Mom(?) Sorry ... I am just being a big SisSTAR and sticking my nose in ;OD (notice big nose!)
    Blessings on your day with the good thoughts that all will be together very soon and you will have many happy things to talk about. When we would leave my Dad home to work when we went north for vacation in the summer, he'd say he was "batching it" (like a 'bachelor') ... so you and Sonny are "Batching it" ;O)
    SisSTAR (you are a good person, Muhd--the photo of you and your Wifey is awesome!)

  2. I'm glad you survived without the wifey for a bit..I know it's not always easy. I, myself am alone to much though living on ones own for so many years, I still can relate to what you are saying..I was married for 15 years and felt those same feelings you mentioned. I yearn for another soulmate partner one day but might never happen again.

    In regards to Sonny...I'm sticking my two cents in also like Kylita..they say when you cramp and or pass out while excercising and such it usually is like of food or energy..but also very important..lot's of water of some kind of juics with electrolytes in it..with potassium and our muscles can cramp up and cause problems if not enough water or liquid in us...dehydration..upon doing blood test often Drs. cannot really tell this kind of's mostly from the symptoms..

    Just something for Sonny to keep in mind..drink liquid before and after doing agressive physical activity.

    You'll be okay until wifey gets back..your just not used to being on your own is all.

    Good writing post to your wifey..very nice indeed. Have her read it when she returns..



  3. I absolutely love this post!

  4. Gosh...these children of ours!!!
    I'm glad he's OK.
    I don't think exercising on an empty tummy is the best of things...but he's recovered now thank goodness.
    I recall a friend's daughter doing the same when she took a hockey practice instead of eating lunch. Too many calories out and not enough in.
    Never a dull moment hey?


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