Saturday, June 06, 2009

Waiting For You

I saw Wifey waved in the cab as it moved away and disappeared when it turned the corner.

Now Sonny and I are left at home to fend for ourselves without a woman's touch.

Wifey is on her way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is accompanying her elder sister and her two children to KL. Her sister's eldest son is getting into a college there which is fortunately quite near to where their mother is staying.

They will get to see the facilities at the chosen college where our nephew will major in IT. They will definitely have a wonderful time spent with their mother doing some sightseeing and shopping with her while they are there.

I received a text message from Wifey late afternoon to inform that they have reached the Tuas Link - the causeway before entering Malaysia.

Her elder sister is driving them all the way to KL. The journey will probably take them about 4 to 5 hours.

Hoping they will reach their mother's place safe and sound. Wishing them lots of good times being in the company of their mother whom they see only once a while nowadays, since she moved from Singapore to KL over ten years ago.

Having our first dinner alone, Sonny and I can already feel that we miss her presence here. Sonny preferred instant noodles instead of ordering pizza or KFC, so he made each of us a cup and had lots of green veggies thrown in, to at least have some nutrition in out bodies tonight.

At least lunch out today, before Wifey left was wonderful. We got to check out a new "makan" haunt called Madison's at Tampines Central Community Centre... a short, 5 minutes walk from our home.

The Tom Yam Spaghetti that both Wifey and I had were good, but the Mushroom Spaghetti that Sonny ordered was totally delicious. Somehow, the ones others picked are always nicer than mine...

Watching the TV alone got me so bored this afternoon.

Sonny is stuck to his online XBox Halo game. Now that he is on a 1 month school holiday, an all out payback time is due for being away from the game console for so long studying for his midyear exams.

Without Wifey breaking into a conversation beside me on the sofa, our favourite shows somehow were dull and not much interesting tonight. I am missing her already.

I am waiting for her to call me once she reaches her mother's home. Wishing for her safe return home soon... just us boys for now.


  1. Cliff always says when I'm gone, the house feels empty when he enters. He says he can feel that I am not here.

    Still, you and Sonny can do some male bonding; Wifey can do some female bonding with her sister. And once she's home, there will be a grand reunion.

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  2. Some people think I am crazy because I look forward to retirement for Pat. I am ready for him to stay home. I mis him when he is not here. I know that when you are together again that it will be a grand reunion!

  3. I hope your wife reads this nice tribute you wrote about her... very kind and caring.
    We've driven that route to KL from SG several times.. it is a long hot drive! with several stops along the way for a break.
    Hoping your wife has a great time with her mother and sister

  4. Very sweet, but bitter sweet...Jason and I are that close as well and we feel very naked and lonely without each other...

    Hoping she has a safe and wonderful time and that the time flies for you.

    Lots of love

  5. Awww...I don't think you will relax at all until she has contacted you to say they have arrived safely.
    We have a saying here ''absence makes the heart grow fonder''.

    Home alone hey?

    I hope your time apart goes really quickly and she is back home soon.


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