Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vivo Last Sunday!

My siblings flocked to our parents' home last weekend to spend time with them. This week is our opportunity to be with them too.

"So, anybody coming over there this Sunday?" I asked Mom over the phone.

"Your Sis is coming over this Saturday," Mom replied, "no one's called to come on Sunday though." Trying to recall.

"Would you like to go out with us then?" I invited Mom and Dad.

A resounding "Yes!" came straight away with a question at the end "Where you're going? We'll go wherever you take us." Mom sounded really excited.

"You pick. Changi Beach, or maybe shopping for your trip this Friday." I suggested and let her choose.

"We've not been there for so long..." Mom trying to recall her last picnic at Changi, "since my stroke."

When we were small, Changi Beach was our family's haunt for picnics and swimming in the sea whenever Dad was able to spare time on the weekends if he was not doing overtime work.

Family's Tanjong spot at Changi Beach Park

We even had our favourite spot on the beach we called "tanjong" or end at the stretch of the beach.Mom and Dad always made the effort to go for family picnic at Changi Beach.

We would come back all blackened from the sun and then recover from the sun burns on our backs, but we would come back again to endure then after effects over again because it was such fun every time.

Since then, all my siblings love picnics and Changi became our haunt for weekend by the beach even thought there are several beaches on this island that are popular among picnickers.

On the North-East Line To VivoCity

I for one, have inherited the spot for my own family. Being close to Changi from Tampines where I live, the beach is our quick getaway from the stress of work and routine chores.

"Oh, it's been so many years since we've been there..." Mom reminisced. "Can the wheelchair go through the sandy beach... I'll be stuck there?"

Indeed it has been so long since my parents were there. The last time they were there, Mom was still able to walk on her own. Now in wheelchair to get around and unable to sit on the ground comfortably, she had some reservations going on a picnic there.

Seashell reflective pool at VivoCity waterfront

Fortunately, the beach park has gone through several transformation to what it is today. Long gone were the water facility building that blocked the beautiful sea view. Gone too were the canoe storage warehouse.

Now, just tall beautiful casurina trees and coconut palms with white sandy beach complimented with amenities like shelters, clean toilets and the many barbecue pitches. Food and drinks are no longer a problem with snack shops selling from barbecue necessities to kites, dotting along the beach.

Parking is no longer a problem with car parks spaced out along the beaches. Public transport is also convenient with stops along the beaches. The beach park is definitely wheelchair friendly.

Mom and Dad were set after that much updates from me.

"The only thing that can stop us now will be the weather," I cautioned Mom, "we'll go shopping instead if it rains."

So Wifey and I packed for the picnic. We planned to have Wifey and Sonny leave for the beach in the morning to claim our spot first while I take the bus to my parents home to fetch them and double back in a cab. We were ready!

Early Sunday morning looked quite promising with the sun shining, but it turned cloudy... I mean dark clouds, hovered over and intermittently letting the sun peeked. The weatherman predicted a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

We had to drop Plan A and called my parents to inform the of Plan B. VivoCity shopping at the waterfront. Yes, at least we still get to be near and soak-up the sea view and salty breeze.

Everything happens for a reason.

True to the saying, Mom and Dad ending-up needing many essential things for their trip this Friday to Kedah, Malaysia.

After our high-tea at the water front, eating our chicken and mushroom puffs and hot coffee, we started our shopping at Giant Hypermart.

Both Mom and Dad bought a zip-up sweater to stay warm in the car with the air-condition on during the long day and night drives and while in several hotels that they will be staying along the journey.

Dad bought a pair of trousers to match his silk batik shirt bought when we were in Bandung, Indonesia last year. He wanted to look good attending the wedding there.

He also bought 2 pairs of track pants just like the one I was wearing, for easy wear during the rest of the trip. Lightweight, no ironing needed and easy to dry.

One of Christmas sales along VivoCity atriums

Come to think of it, I have never seen him in a pair of track pants before. I do not think he owns a pair before these two. Something new for him. That explains the wide grin he displayed while trying them on and the happy mood he was in afterward, because he looked good in them.

Both Mom and Dad bought thick socks for themselves and a thermos to keep hot coffee always available while on the week-long road trip with second Sis and Brother-in-law.

Wifey showed and let Mom hugged a big teddy bear that was on sale. Being a stuffed-toy lover, she liked it so much but refrained so much from buying too because she was on a budget.

I may very well surprise her with one when she gets back from her trip.

Taking a breather in front of Daiso watching fishes in an aquarium

Then, it was just senseless shopping for everyone at Daiso, where everything Japanese are sold for S$2.00 each. We spent a good hour and a half inside.

Dinner on me at Banquet before we sent them home.

Dad surprised us with lots of fruits he bought for us to take home... apples, pears, persimmons, grapes and oranges. It was as if we just got back from the supermarket. Got to love them.

Hope they enjoy their trip and return back safe and sound. Bless their beautiful hearts.


  1. What lovely, quality family can't beat it.

  2. Oh what a lovely time it seems you all l had. I was envisoning it all as you wrote this. What fun! I really think your country is so much more organized and clean and set up then our country is. There is so much to see wherever you all go. We don't have that too much here in the U.S. in smaller towns. Your way ahead of us it seems in fun clean places to go..and the architecture is just beautiful there in your country.

    So glad a good time was had by all and that your dad loved his new track pants like yours.

    Keep us posted of all the family gatherings.

    We are having Thanksgiving day here today. It will be cold foggy and rainy but the family I am living with has lots of guests and I'm helping them cook and it will be a feast. My first Thanksgiving spent with someone let alone a family in many years.

    Joy to all!


  3. I so enjoyed this post and all your photos, Muhd. It's good that you honor your parents as you do. You will be blessed for it. :-)

    Thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes, and I hope you have a good day today as well.



  4. I think it's wonderful that, although you live amidst crowds of people, there are so many lovely places to get away and see the beauty of nature.

  5. A happy family time, so nice to read about. I am spending my Thanksgiving day with just Tuffy my cat. Sent my husband to his sister's and family, a 2 hr drive away. He'll spend the night and have lots of good fun and too much food and probably drink ;o) He will bring me my special plate tomorrow. It is fun to read about you and your family enjoying each other-what a blessing. Thanks for your comment re: my call to Rhiannon. It was very enjoyable. I was do you pronounce your first name (if I may be so personal!)?
    Enjoy your family and keep smiling, Friend!

  6. looks like a great time. I love your photos.
    by the way - your arms - you look like you can pick up a car!! :)

  7. What a beautiful post. I believe we are called to honor our father and mother and it is clear to me that you do this. It made me sad to think that your mother was able to walk the last time she was at that beach, but her lively spirit (still wanting to go again, even if she is in a wheelchair) was so uplifting to me. Good for her! I'm just sorry the threat of rain made it impossible to go.

    Thank you for your visits to my blog. It's nice to make new online blogging friends.


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