Saturday, November 15, 2008

School Of Thoughts

Mom called just before 11:00PM. It was kind of late to call even for her. It was unsettling to receive any call late at night. Even more so when the caller ID showed it was Mom.

Think Mom needs some company...

"You're not sleeping yet?" Mom asked. Her voice sounded normal. Thank you!

"No. Wide awake still..." I answered, "tomorrow's Saturday."

Both Mom and Dad are excited about the road trip they will be taking end this month. They have changed some money to Malaysian Ringgit for spending on the trip.

They are going to attend a wedding in Kedah, Malaysia and get the opportunity to meet grandfathers' family from Mom's side of the family. It has been too long since they seen them.

Mom was feeling a little down. One of her hamster had just died late in the afternoon.

"He's very old," Mom explained, "but he was strangely active this afternoon, climbing and dangling down from the top of the cage... something we've not seen for so long."

That hamster fathered the other four that she is now left with. Its mother had died about 3 weeks earlier. Both of the hamsters were more than 3 years old; more than the life expectancy of a Winter White Dwarfs.

My parents really did a great job caring for their pets. Better than us, in fact.

"We'll bring them back here and take care of them." I said, "You just enjoy your trip." I convinced her not to worry about her babies...

"Your father sleeps every time he takes the cough medicine." Mom changed subject, almost sounded like a complaint. "That's the problem with cough mixtures... it makes you sleepy." She continued, rationalizing to herself.

I just agreed with her. I agree that she is lonely when Dad is always asleep because of his medications. There is no one to talk to there.

That was yesterday.

What Mom did not know was that her children will come in droves this weekend and weekends to come to spend more time with them. She and Dad will be so happy.

Think he'll do great...

Sonny left just after we had lunch for his Sudoku challenge.

He was fortunate that the school selected him and four others to represent it at the Sudoku Inter-school Competition for secondary students category.

Held at Funan - IT Mall, it was a closed-door event. Else we both would have been there cheering for his team... then again, it is a challenge that needs concentration, so they need all the quiet time to think minus pesky parents by the side.

Think it's a bargain...

Left with the whole Saturday afternoon to ourselves, Wifey already made plans for us to go to the Bookfest @Singapore 2008 at Suntec City Convention Centre. The fair started on Friday and will last until next Sunday, 23 November 2008.

Though we have been to Suntec City numerous times before, the trip this time was rather interesting. Wifey "discovered" a new and convenient route to go from our home. Something we never gave much thought until the plan to go to Marina Barrage last week triggered our curiosity.

Instead of switching between buses and train, and a long walk underground to reach the place, we can now take bus Express Service 518 from Singapore Polytechnic directly to Suntec City. A mere half-hour express jouney.

The book fair is indeed a big event. I'm not sure about it claiming to be the largest held in Southeast Asia, but I have never seen so many books and stationary in one gigantic hall in my entire life!

There were as many people as there would be at the infamous PC shows. The ones that I have always make a point to go to. Instead of tech geeks, this time there were lots of parents like us. Many with children trailing behind them flocking the two convention halls.

The crowd and snaking queue lines at the cashiers did not look like recession has reached our shores just yet.

Think we've splurged?

Wifey had a field day in there and by the time we exited the doors, we spent about S$100.00 on assessment books and stationary, including art and craft tools in anticipation of Sonny's school projects.

We spent another S$40.00 on Sonny's "all-black" Swiss Polo haversack. A requirement Sonny stated which we found at John Little sale in the atrium of Marina Square.

All that walking finally got us rewarded with a nice, hot latte. With a picturesque view of the Marina Bay, we sat by the waterfront at The Esplanade. We talked until sun down and so happen, had the opportunity to watch a free sponsored performance at the outdoor amphitheater.

Think we enjoyed ourselves...

An group called Punkh from India was playing their original compositions which were a little too young for our blood. We sat through four songs until our stomachs sang along requesting for food.

Dinner was at Makan Sutra, a short walking distance away. No Tom Yam noodle, so we settled for S$5.00 a bowl Noodle Soup instead.

We noticed the Christmas Light-up for this year turned on for the first time today. It was bright and blue, and trailed all the way to its source at Orchard Road.

It was unfortunate that my iPhone camera could not capture the vividness of the decoration properly. Maybe another time, but I will be armed with my Panasonic Lumix FZ10 camera.

We walked back to the bus stop at the convention centre where we came and took the loop Express Service 518 back home to Tampines.

Sonny was already home... with him were lots of goodies in two bags.

His group did not win the competition, but he won the individual mathematical challenges instead with some nice prizes on top of the goodie-bag all competitors received.

He did us proud just by being selected to represent his school. Something good today.

Life must go on...


  1. Wow Imran just saw a small news item about a big quake around your parts.. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh we will pray and hope your family is okay... let me know soon as you can...

  2. Love the photos. The movie "Singapore Dreaming" has been on here lately & I've found myself watching it every time & using the DVR to 'freeze frame' some scenes. Every time I see something about the place I remember why it would be one of my top choices to move if I had to relocate.

  3. I always enjoy your posts. I like the updates on everyday life...and also your pictures.

    Have a wonderful blessed week ahead

  4. How beauiful your photographs were. It is interesting to me the different I see from photographs to what I might imagine your home to be like. I think it is wonderful.

    On a side note, sounds like you had a pretty good time there. Wish I could had attended.


  5. I'm glad that things seem to be going well with your Dad.
    With your words and pictures I feel like I'm there. Amazing.
    The pressure on your son! I'm glad it's not me. :)
    Take care...

  6. Yupp, the show must go on bro.
    I'm so exhited for you parents, off traveling (sorry for the hamsters loss though).

    And yay for sonny, I can almost imagine you walking all tall and proud, which u should. :)

  7. Hi Imran... Abg Bear tak tahupun yg Imran ada darah dari orang Kedah... jauh tu... Imran anak tunggal ker?? kalau sesekali datang ke Malaysia dan singgah di KL, sila lah hubungi Abg Bear, kita buleh sesekali minum2 ker...

    Anyway Abg Bear dah kembali ke blogspot yer... sila update dan pindah ke sana...


  8. My goodness, you sure do stay busy young man! You are a very kind soul and the world is so fortunate to have you.

  9. Hmm, I've missed your latest updates. I wonder what's up with that? I'd better check in from time to time. I had been wondering how your dad was doing. I'm glad they're going on a trip.


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