Tuesday, November 11, 2008

That Calming Waters

"The view is nice..." Wifey said looking up at the skyline as the sun set slowly, hiding itself behind the skyscrapers of Shenton Way.

We sat on the large patch of grass on the rooftop of Marina Barrage. It almost was a romantic scene with the setting sun and being just a couple together... there were hundreds others visiting the newly opened "attraction" in the city.

Since the announcement a few weeks ago culminating to its opening two weekends ago, I have been coercing everyone to have a family outing there on the opening day. There were exhibitions, a fair and goody-bags too.

I intended to bring my parents next once I "recce" the place to be old folks-friendly. It should be anyway.

Unfortunately, Dad was diagnosed with a growth in his lung. We skipped the outing. Everything else became insignificant, as we focus our time on him now. One doctor then to another, one test led to the other, one procedure proceeded with follow-ups... and it has only just began.

Poor Dad. My dear old Dad...

Like all my siblings, I am sure I try to have my spirits not be affected too much too. We all have to stay strong for Dad's sake. I believe he is relying and drawing his strength from Mom and all of us, so we will be of high spirits for him to be too to fight this together.

Responding to Wifey, I just smiled, mesmerized by the slowly changing hues in the sky... orange, blue, green, purple... pink!

I was so glad I was out from the house, kept busy from the nagging thoughts of sadness that Dad had to go through this again. A reason for being old... maybe a reason given to us mortals for Dad's time to leave us?

I hate these thoughts!

"Glad you suggested to come here today." I replied in solace, "Nice."

I felt much better being out from the house, even though it was only for a while. I have never under-estimated the power of open spaces and even more, a large body of water in front of you, can affect you so much therapeutically.

"Do you have the camera stand..." Wifey asked, "to take pictures of us."

I took out my camera from my haversack and set it on the tripod.

"This time we have our pictures taken together." Wifey quipped, "Not just me ending-up in your blog all the time." Telling me she has been too "exposed" in the web too many times.

"Can't help it. I'm the cameraman." I joked. I felt even better then and was back in sync with my zesty-photo-taking self again. I then began to snap photos after photos of us and the new surroundings of this landmark structure in Marina Bay. Wifey patiently waited for me got stuck at one place then another snapping away.

Night soon fell, and the city skyline lit with all amazing colors!

The most prominent was the Singapore Flyer. Its wheel changing colors and almost in sync with the dancing colors of the water fountain in the main atrium on the ground floor of the Marina Barrage.

Intriguing place I recalled from the newspaper article.

For one thing, it is the first an only water catchment area built in the heart of the city for this island. Well, no big deal, I know.

Yet the special thing about it is, the fact that this supposedly freshwater reservoir is actually salt water... which in time will become fresh drinking water. A cheaper method than desalination.

Combined with other reservoirs on this island, this nation intends to become self-sustaining as far as water is concern.

This barrage was built across the narrowest part of the sea in the bay area to form a water catchment area. That will mean the marine life that are now contained within this catchment area will slowly become freshwater dwellers in generations to come. Wow!

On our quiet trip back home last Sunday, I began to realize Wifey's intention.

I thought I was handling it well all along, but Wifey somehow was able to pick up the subtleties of how I really feel inside.

She knows I love outings, she knows I love new places and experiences, and she understands that being close to water helps calm me down. I am an open book to her.

Thank you dear Wifey. I needed that. I am blessed.


  1. That's what wives are for! I love the pictures of you and wifey, and I've always found pictures of skylines to be exciting.

    Grass on a roof??? Wow!

  2. Wonderful pics...and yes the wifeys are wonderful! lol

    Have a good end of the week... know that your dad is in many hearts and prayers...

    Love, Jess

  3. Your Dad is still on my mind, too. I hope everything goes smooth.
    The photos- what a beautiful city!! I've decided that I should go there some day. I have to see this place!
    Take care,

  4. Hey nice pics....thanks for the follow

    how are you?

  5. Hey ....oh sorry..I saw that you were following "just me" blog..and that was the title of mine too.

    Well you should come and check me out anyways....came here from Andrews page....

  6. I really enjoyed your photos. Your city is so exotic and different from the rural farm area where I live in Northeast Arkansas, USA.

    I'm sorry for the troubling diagnosis your Dad has received, but praying that he will recover fully after treatment.

    Take care, and try not to dwell so much on the bad news that you don't enjoy your time with your Dad and family.



  7. Your family is everything to you Imran. How lovely of your wife to sense that you needed time away in a beautiful place together, and the distraction of your camera! My prayers are coming for your father and your family.


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