Thursday, November 27, 2008

Talk Is Cheap!

I called home this afternoon to find the ring tone sounding rather strange.

My first thought was that maybe either Wifey or Sonny might have not hang-up the receiver properly. On second thought, the ring tone was totally the first time I have heard.

Then it came to me, that my land-line phone was being switched over from the quarterly chargers from Singtel to the voice modem Starhub Broadband is offering to its customers for free.

Yes, free until December 2010. From today and until two years later, all incoming and outgoing calls within Singapore is free. Wifey's chats with her Mom across the causeway in KL, Malaysia has become insanely cheap. I believe her Mom will be happy to receive her calls more often from now on.

The VoIP modem and installation were given and done for free too. And as a bonus, the current number remains the same! We do not have to do anything at all but to enjoy the freedom of talking.

Talk is cheap literally now... nope, it is free!

I sound like I am endorsing the company, I am not, but if it sounds like it, so be it! I'm saving lots of money each month and one less hassle for Wifey to run errands for payments.

It does pay to be loyal.

Thank you Starhub. You rock!


  1. That's great! I love a bargain.

  2. Free is great. Not many things in life are free, so do enjoy. Blessings to you.

  3. HI
    I found you on Jessica's blog.
    We lived in Singapore from 2002-2005.MY husband just got back in Oct from a trip there!
    We loved it, and have many fond memories of our life there.
    It is cold here, and we miss the warmth of the heat.
    Also the warmth of the Singaporean people.
    I will real more of your blog, and it can keep me updated on life in Singapore.

  4. That is a great deal! Too bad we can't get our phone/internet for free for 2 years. I'd definitely take advantage of that deal!

    Hope you've had a good weekend, Muhd. :-)



  5. We switched to VOIP about a year ago, and we're happy with it (although we didn't get it for free!) Our phone service is now "bundled" with our internet and television cable. Enjoy your free phone calls Imran!

  6. Whooohooo I love a bargain and free is even better. hehehehehe

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I bookmarked you, hope you don't mind.

  7. cheap is good, free is better ;)



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