Saturday, January 05, 2008

Parents Still Reign

Rainy View of Parents' Flat from Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange

Drops of rain splattered on the window as bus Service 168 was on TPE - Tampines Expressway, just as I started my journey to my parents' place in Woodlands.

It was time to give them some spending money for the month. A little more for each of them this month because I got my 13th month bonus in December.

"Yikes... no umbrella!" I sighed to myself, apparently quite loudly as the passenger seated in front of me looked back probably thinking I was talking to her.

With the earphone pumping good music from my PDA, I guess my voice was a tat too loud. My journey in the bus alone while the rain poured outside was quite calming, solemn even.

Both Wifey and Son were just too tired to visit my parents after the late hours we had from our Son's Graduation Night.

"Hi Mom, I am on my way to your home... I'm in the bus now." I told my Mom when she picked up the phone.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier..." Mom sounded disappointed, "I could have made you something special to eat and take home."

"Precisely. If I did, then you will make a lot of fuss over and be very busy cooking or preparing something..." I replied lightly, "do you want me to stop by to buy you anything?"

Wild Bamboo Tree let grown at Woodlands. Good as PC desktop wallpaper

I overheard some murmuring over the phone... "Your Dad wants Yong Tau Foo," Mom answered, "I want one too. Please get me more broccolis and dried stuffed-tofu too."

"Oh, yes. Don't forget to ask for more sweet-sauce too." Mom reminded me.

It rained even heavier once I reached Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange. Stopped by Banquet Food Court on the 7th floor to buy my parents their favourite meal for their late lunch.

"We are keeping it for later..." Mom told me, "we eat Nasi Lemak I already cooked." pointing to the food Mom and Dad already prepared for lunch. I had to eat lunch twice today.

I already had mine before I left home, but Mom insisted that I eat a little. I could not turn her down... I would be crazy to turn down her phenomenal cooking.

We talked some while sipping hot coffee after lunch. It was a very nice time there, cool from the pouring rain outside, a hot drink in my hand and warm conversation with my parents.

Before long, it was time for me to go home. Then they shine again giving me their warmth.

Fruiting Rambutan Tree beside parents' home

"Here's some Durian Serawa we made for you to take home..." Dad brought out a container full of their delicious desert. Apparently they had 40 minutes to prepare the desert while I was coming over.

"Here... " Mom pointed into the plastic carrier, "some green grapes, Japanese cucumbers and a few packets of ground curry for Azi to cook at home." as she brought the bag over to me.

Dad started to pack everything together into one heavy Eco-friendly brown carrier.

Parents, they always fuss over their children. Always thinking about their children more than themselves... even when their children already have children of their own.

Rain or shine, they are still these warm, super-human beings. Mom and Dad will always reign love in my heart. Warm and tingly in the monsoon season.

I love them dearly for eternity.


  1. What a wonderful post. A nice tribute to your parents. Mine do fuss over me too.Sometimes too much. Blessings to you and your parents. I say what a good son you are and deserve to be fussed over.

  2. You are blessed.

    Loved how you captured your day. Could see it in my head playing out as you typed.



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