Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Ride-up

2008 came with a big bang of fireworks across many parts of the island... the world celebrated too, I am sure.

We were not at any party central for the New Year's countdown this year, but stayed home and watched the events at VivoCity on TV instead.

Though we foregone the countdown party and fireworks, we kicked-off New Year's day splendidly with our own brand of family celebration - outing on bikes!

The whole day was wonderful as soon as the 3 bicycles we bought from Giant Hypermart were delivered at 4:00PM on the eve.

Initially planned to go around the neighborhood and especially to chart the route to our Son's Dunman Secondary School, so that he could have a choice of either riding the bus or on his bike.

I planned a conservative outing to not fatigue everyone the next day, but we ended up riding the whole day and saw the most scenic places along our route we normally would not have taken if we did not purchase the bikes.

I should have taken my Lumix FZ10 digital camera with me though. So I used my cell phone camera which gave quite grainy color reproduction and fuzzy. I am however, thankful that we have the bikes and went outing on the first day of 2008.

There were just too many things we did and so many interesting places we passed by since we became so mobile now. I traced the routes we discovered around our neighborhood and the next estate - Pasir Ris:
  • 10:00AM Left home to Duman Secondary School. 20 minutes, but stopped to take pictures and looked closer at interesting trees with strange-looking fruits.
  • 10:30AM Had prata for breakfast at a coffee shop at Tampines Street 21 beside Northeast Community Centre.
  • 11:15AM Paid tons of bills using S.A.M at Tampines CPF Building.
  • 11:30AM Son had his hair-cut at Sri Nada barber shop in Century Square.
  • 12:00PM Bought packed lunch and left for Pasir Ris Park via Tampines Sun Plaza Park bike connectors. Scenic and tranquil.
  • 1:00PM More photos at Pasir Ris Town Park man-made fishing pond. Festive sight.
  • 1:30PM Left for Pasir Ris Beach Park via Pasir Ris Mangrove Path. Beautiful.
  • 2:00PM Lunch at Pasir Ris Beach Park. Serenity.
  • 3:00PM Cycle through Pasir Ris Beach Park. Wonderful.
  • 3:15PM Bought a kite and kite-flying at the open field. Childhood fun.
  • 5:00PM Left for home via the long route at Pasir Ris Street 3 and 12. Interesting.
  • 6:00PM Home sweet home. Out butts hurt and tan-lines. Ouch!

That was the best New Year's day I had ever spent in a long time!

We are now geared-up for more weekend biking expeditions to explore more pockets of interesting places we heard or read about so far... and as far as these pairs of legs can paddle because everyone enjoyed the outing-on-wheels so much.

This is going to be great year for my family! Hope you day was as great too.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy new year, sorry about the lateness, thanks for still stopping by.

  2. Hello C-Dell,

    Happy New Year, Bro.

    Hope all is good with you and your studies. Here's to excellent year to your studies.

  3. sounds a fabulous and rewarding day. Those fruits on the trees look very bizarre to me! WHat is 'prata'?
    Happy New Year to you and your family

  4. A great way to start a New Year and you all look so healthy.
    The latest news reports here say that our children in the U.K. are lacking in vitamin D. This may have a lot to do with the fact that they do not ''play outside'' as much these days for varying reasons.A lack of daylight perhaps.
    Yesterday I went on a three mile walk with Becky, my 12 year old.
    Yes, we all need to be out and about more and you are setting a great example with your new bikes. Good for you.

  5. Hello All,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Tanie | The fruits re definitely strange to us too. It was the first time we spot it and could not figure out what names they are. Have to dig some more.

    Scan through my "A New Day" slides and you will see Wifey and Son seated with food for breakfast.

    The pancake-like food are "pratas" - a North Indian bread made from flour and eaten by dipping it in curry gravy.

    Ellen | The bikes turn out ot be great lure for the family to spend time outside the 4 walls.

    We thoroughly enjoy our outings so much that we have begun to plot our next route for the many weekends we can spend biking.

    This is one health activity for everyone of us. And yes, Vitamin D here is plenty. My skin ached from the sun-burn even though the whole day was cloudy.

    Have a great day everyday this new year, everyone!


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