Saturday, January 12, 2008

All That Fuss

MP For Tampines Mr. Sin Boon An with our Danish

"Ayah!" Wifey's shock expression as she composed her thoughts quickly, "I think we left the window open!" she finally blurted out.

"Oh ya!" I exclaimed. I just remembered we left one window open to give the cactus we bought from Cameron Highlands some sunlight. It was shining into our living room before we left the house.

The rain poured heavily, with thunderous revenge after a sunny morning this monsoon season. Yikes! We should have known better.

Tampines Central Community Centre

We were at Tampines Central Community Centre, just a few blocks away from our home attending our Son's first and maybe only Edusave Study Bursary Award Presentation this afternoon.

Though every year, our Son qualifies for the merit bursary from MOE - Ministry Of Education as a monetary reward for his good examination results, the final eligibility criteria was that the combined family monthly income had to be below S$3000.00.

Since our household income has always been above this limit, every year the letter from MOE would come, and every year we would have to ignore it. Nonetheless, every year we reward our Son with our own appreciation for his good efforts.

This time around is different.

Wifey & Son at Registration | Opening Speech by Mr. Sin Boon An

Since he achieved good results for his PSLE - Primary School Leaving Examination, the letter came, but the limit was raised higher which made him qualify for the study bursary.

Dressed in his Dunman Secondary School uniform, he received his award from Mr. Sin Boon An, MP for Tampines GRO on stage with the rest of the deserving children, mostly from lower income families.

The letter urged for only one parent to attend the ceremony due to space constrains in the auditorium, but I guess they know how important this event is to the child's parents.

Both Wifey and I went anyway to clap and cheer our Son on. So did the rest of the parents, grandparents and siblings... everyone was there to fill the auditorium full of proud people.

Mr. Sin Boon An with Danish & his primary school friends

It was one of many proud moments for Wifey and I of our Son when he received his award and got his pictures taken with our MP. He smiled proudly too. Hope this will spur him on to work hard and smart.

All that high left us oblivious to the thunderstorm outside the community centre. I even suggested to Wifey to stay at the CC for coffee to wait the rain out after the ceremony. Shish!

"Take my camera..." I told Wifey and handed it over to her, "keep it dry with you while I run home to close the window!"

"Come back!" Wifey stopped me, "You didn't bring your key pouch with you..." as she reached into her handbag and took out her set of keys to the front door.

"Ayah, I know a short cut through the void decks" our Son handed-out his hand for the key, "I can run faster than you... I won't get wet."

Ouch! I felt old suddenly... but all in good intentions from him. I gave him the key and he dashed off down the pedestrian bridge and disappeared into the covered walkway.

Yep! The rain came into to our living room and wet the laminated floor and sofa console table.

Tampines Avenue 5 Thunderstorm view from overhead bridge

Everyone helped out to wipe dry the floor, but instead of worrying the floor might pop-out and peel if water was to sip in between the planks we felt great together. Still feeing good and proud of our Son.

He probably will not be eligible for bursary next year, not because we think he will not do well. We believe he will excel with our support, but I just received a raise at work this year that has once again render him not eligible for the bursary award.

Money aside, the blessing is our Son being in our lives... for being a great person, a good son.

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  1. Your son sounds a little like mine,...for awhile when he was younger, he was convinced that if he tried really hard, he could run fast enough to be able to dodge the raindrops (I don't think that woks in the real world of physics, but to an 8 year old it makes sense!)

    Congratulate him for me- he sure sounds like a hard worker and a dedicated student. I'm sure he's a lot like you!


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