Sunday, November 25, 2007

Returns, Shall Be

With the good results that our Son has gotten for his PSLE, it is time for him to reap the benefits of hard work and dedication.

After much discussion, well before the actual exams itself, it is now time for his rewards... the saying, "work hard, play hard" holds true today.

As he requested, I have registered for him a Domain Name - and website hosting for USD8.90 for a year and USD39.95 respectively today as a bonus for his exceptional achievements.

The original reward for the hard work was a Sony PlayStation Portable 2000. That has changed for the better, I think. He has requested for a notebook instead.

I would definitely reward him with a laptop than a PSP simply because he can do so much more than just play games and listen to MP3 songs.

Since he would rather stick at home in front of his computer doing his passion for computer programming than going outing with us, having the laptop will enable him to still stick his eyes to his passion and at the same time be with us outside the home.

So, timely as it seems, the quarterly-held PC show - SITEC 2007 will be held end this month at Singapore Expo from Thursday, 29 November 2007 till Sunday, 2 December 2007.

A small, but a window of opportunity to scout for the best offer for a laptop with the best price range and bundled gifts on Friday night and latest Saturday afternoon to get a deal before we are off on vacation to Cameron and Genting Highlands and then off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 8 days!

Life is good to me. Thank you.


  1. Enjoy your holiday, all of you, it's well deserved. The presuure is off and you should all be able to relax and re-charge your batteries, as the saying goes.Looking forward to seeing your pics on your return.Smiles.

  2. How wonderful your life is indeed. Have a truly fabulous vacation and look forward to your tales upon your return

  3. Congratulations to your son. I hope he loves his new laptop.


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