Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weighing On Health

Ramadhan brings so many benefits spiritually, mentally and physically. They are just countless.

Beside the real objective from the religious point of view, like cleansing one's soul with fasting during this month, another obvious benefit is the weight loss that I silently celebrate each year.

I think the fasting year after year has kept my weight in check. Hovering around my ideal of about 65 kilogram or 143 pounds for a 1.7 metres or 5 foot 6 inches Asian frame, Ramadhan is like a biological barometer being reset back for me.

With age catching up on me, keeping those extra kilos off has become harder each year. Largely due to the slowing down of my metabolic rate and mostly due to the lesser physical activity I get to do on my free time. It is also harder to make time for sports.

On the first day of Ramadhan, I tip the scale of 70 kilograms or 150 pounds... way above the ideal. So with the help of fasting, I hope to get it down again to feel light and agile again. Like every year, whatever six pack I had on me faded away as the months after Ramadhan came.

Like groundhog day, I am excited to see it again, hopefully, this year too when Ramadhan leaves us.

I know it sounds vain but being healthy by keeping the weight down has so many benefits and is like a precursor to a healthier mind and habits... like the first robin in spring time, it makes one happy looking at it and the thought of many beautiful and cheerful things to come.

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  1. I can't believe this festival has come around so quickly.
    I agree with you, that it is a lot harder to shed any excess weight after becoming 40!!!!
    I do lots and lots of walking, but the weight remains these days...eeww.
    I hope you feel restored both physically and spiritually after the month is up.
    Take care and enjoy your week-end.


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