Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little Sound Blasters

Wifey tagged along with me when I told her that I was shopping for some techno gadgets at the Harvey Norman Expo Sale on Sunday morning.

Since I gotten a company issued Lenovo T410 notebook for my work, I needed a mouse as I could not get use to using the touch pad after using it for a whole week. I was totally handicapped by the touch pad and it has affected my work to an irritatingly slow pace.

I also needed a portable speaker system... loud enough for the whole classroom to hear other than the soft and muffled notebook speakers.

And yes, I needed a new shaver. The one Wifey gifted me had its protective grid shield broken at some spot and would cut my skin.

Wifey wanted a new pair of earphones for her music listening on the iPhone. She also wanted to gift Sonny with a new set of PC speaker system and replace his wireless keyboard and mouse he had been complaining were intermittent even after changing to new batteries.

So off we went to Singapore Expo in search of our techno needs with good bargains.

I was quite surprised that the sole company was offering good bargained prices. Everything were selling cheap enough that if I was not with Wifey, would have bought other "non-essential" stuff just because they were dirt cheap.

My best find was the TravelPac Mushroom Speakers sold for S$26.90. Surprisingly, the small package packed a punch. A resounding delight to listen to its sound clarity and loudness without breaking up when I fixed it to my iPhone and notebook.

I am so happy that I will recommend it to my friends! A delight to have it when travelling as it is ultra compact and delivers more than expected from its small size.

Wifey is more than happy to get her Sphere Sound Earphones from the same Singapore brand. I got my Honovo Wireless Mouse finally, though a bluetooth one would be even better but too pricey. The nano USB adapter that is paired with the mouse is practical and true to its slogan "plug it & forget it."

Once plugged into my notebook, I am all set and my hands are once again liberated from the touch pad like they have turned into a pair of wings and fly as I do my work on it. I begin to love my notebook, thanks to this plastic roden of an invention!

Got my S$15 Philips Shaver and I can put my fears to rest. No more painful cuts in the morning when I shave!

Wifey bought a set of Microsoft Wifeless Keyboard and Mouse for S$25 from the usual S$79! I would have bought a spare set if I had my way.

Her priced possession is when she bought the Altec Lansing PC Sound System for S$39 down from S$99! We were fortunate that we were among the 50 customers the sets were on sale at the price for.

Overall, we consider ourselves very lucky to get all the gadgets we needed at bargain prices.


  1. My husband and I loved going to Singapore Expo.. you both got such good bargains!!
    Your post on saturday was a 'tear-jerker' as your mother is sad leaving their place and going to live with a daughter. How is she adjusting to being there?
    And talking about all your dad's plants... that is all so hard on your whole family.
    I think it is wonderful, if she can accept it, to be able to be living with a family member. My own parents, 90 and 87, live nearby by us, here in a retirement community, but my dad misses his gardens and plants.
    Thanks for visiting my sunset view!

  2. Wow, what bargains indeed!


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