Saturday, August 14, 2010

Breakfast At Syed's

Dates with grapes and slices of apples and pairs

Today is the first weekend since the holy month of Ramadhan started four days ago.

Weekends are Wifey's rest days, so we decided that our first break-fast outside this year was at Syed Restaurant in Simpang Bedok. It is our usual weekend haunt for a good, sit-down meal.

The food served has always been delicious. The set meal for four has always been worth it for this family of three... with some leftovers to pack home too as the portions served are big.

It consists of our first and the reason why we choose the place; Tom Yam Seafood Soup, thick and moist omelet, stir fried kailan in oyster sauce and chicken in sambal or chili sauce. Eaten with white rice and with a popodum cracker on the side.

Two glasses of Tea Tarik & Ice Milo

Wifey and I had Tea Tarik for drinks while Sonny had his favourite tall glass of Ice Milo. Sonny's choice of drinks is as predictable as our order for Tom Yam Soup whenever the place has it in its menu.

During the Ramadhan month, most if not all eating places will serve an additional side dish which is dates from Arabia or California to break our fast first, followed by our food. Syed Restaurant goes a little extra mile by serving dates with assorted of other fruits as well, like slices of apples, pares and grapes.

Knowingly, the food tasted extra wonderful today than our other weekend days simply because of the fasting. Like always, there would be much food left after we had our fill. This time, only the omelet was left which we had it packed to eat later during sahur or our meal before dawn.

We bought Seafood Fried Rice for sahur to be eaten with the leftover omelet.

White Rice with lightly salty Popodum Craker

Always a nice experience to see so many other Muslim families all seated and waiting for the breakfast time that was at 7:15 PM today. All happy faces chatting away waiting for the prayer call to be heard over the radio blasting from the rows of shophouse restaurants they turned on for their diners.

You will notice the children's eyes looking at all that food spread on their tables, warm and ready to be eaten but they will just have to practice patience, refraining from eating until the it was breakfast time... even though they have not reached the age of fasting yet. Instead, they want to emulate their parents and older siblings to break-fast together.

Not to worry, the food spread looks a lot and definitely delicious but my goal to lose weight, to be more around my ideal again, will be achieved because fasting more than 13 hours during the day when more activity is done will definitely help.

Clockwise: Tom Yam Soup, Omelet, Sambal Chiken & Kailan in Oyster Sauce

After a while, maybe into the second and towards the third and fourth week, we would be conditioned to eating less than our normal portion, thus somewhat accelerating the weight loss usually.

During this month, I do lighter than usual daily exercises on my home gym, the same time before I shower and head to the office. The usual hour duration is reduced to half, just to be sure I get to tone up and also get a tiny dose of the adrenaline rush brought about from the exercise.

So instead of going for lunch at work, I get to take a nap to recharge for the next half of the day throughout Ramadhan.


  1. It's very interesting to me to read about customs, different traditions and foods of someone in another land. These are things the newspapers and social studies books don't tell us. Thanks so much for the peek into your world.

  2. Sounds like a delightful meal and celebration Muhd.

    I do hope you are feeling better of late? Thank you for dropping by with comments on my blog. I am trying to get through the bad very hot summer we are having. It's rather unusual for around here. Stays hot at night and unable to afford to use the old a/c ..the old kind in built in the wall. So I am so looking forward to Autumn! It will be beautiful with me up here on my new 3rd floor apartment I transferred to a few weeks ago. I have a wonderful view and face the northern star. It's very quiet up here and since there is no 4th floor, it is very quiet above me. They call the 3rd floor the "penthouse"...:o)..elevators also. Feel happy to finally be able to sleep with quiet now.

    Please continue to take care of yourself and not stress too much. Okay?

    Love and Blessings,


  3. Blessings for your Ramadan month, Muhd. Just a 1/2 mi from us there is an Islamic Temple and there were celebrations the other night. Soon there is being built a Sikh Gurdwara(?) even closer to us in a place our friends used to live with their farm when we were young. I am happy to be amongst so much diversity as when I was growing up here it was nothing but us Caucasians ;oD ... the big difference was Catholic or Protestant and all the denominations therein. I hope your fasting and prayers are bringing you much enlightenment and peace. I am happy to call you my Friend, dear Muhd, and wish you and your beautiful family the best.

  4. Hi
    My daughter will be going to sec 1 next year,
    I am torn between Dunman and Ngee Ann secondary, you probably are more experience to give me advice now that you son has been with Dunman for a few years now.

    Also, how is the homework load, is it very stressful?


  5. Hello Kium,

    Didn't know locals are reading my blog. Most probably you'd googled into my blog for Dunman Secondary School.

    Ngee Ann is a very good school but I have no facts about it to comment.

    We chose Dunman because of a few reasons.

    1. It was near our home with one direct shuttle bus service, so our son would not have to travel too far especially on tired days.

    2. The school has a good standing record listed amongst other neighbourhood schools.

    3. The school is in partnership with Temasek Polytechnic and offering 3D Animation and other computer related courses which our son is so inclined to and quite talented in it too.

    4. Through word of mouth from the parents we know who had their children studying there, the curriculum, the atmosphere and especially under the Principle's leadership and guidance, we only heard praises of how their children were motivated and actually love the school they attended.

    The last fact made all the difference in our decision and we are so happy that we had chosen Dunman Secondary School for our him.

    Happy because, from the first few days, our son was somehow transformed from a quiet boy to a confident one seen during his Sec 1 orientation.

    That was a pleasant shock for my wife and I. We thought it was just a one day affair that he truly enjoyed himself at the orientation.

    That confidence carried him through the whole semester and throughout the year. Our son actually told us that he loves to go to school because of the teachers and the Principle.

    That was our second pleasant surprise to hear him felt that and told us during one of our chats at home.

    Though our son could easily be sidetracked by the PC games and Xbox if left unchecked, through our guidance at home too, the way the lessons were taught and the freedom the children there had to approach their teachers and even the principle, our son did quite well in in Sec 1 finals.

    We were even happier when he topped his class in Sec 2 with 11 As out of 12 subject!

    No words could describe how happy and proud we were of him!

    Much of what the school has done for our son and the children there, along with our guidance as parents at home, we are looking at not only academic but also holistically that our son has grown to be a smart and responsible young man.

    The school exposes their students to so many and varied courses and life experiences aimed to give that holistic development.

    There are times when things are tough for him in certain pure science subjects he is taking in Sec 3 but he just needed to open his mouth to have his science teacher coaches him for about an hour on certain days of the week to get him at speed.

    Today, he came home to tell that he topped his Geography for SS in class which is always a blessing to us to hear such news.

    There are times when he had loads of homework, but with time management and our guidance, he has lots of time playing his Granada Espada and SecondLife online games. So far, he has not complained or given up due to being overwhelmed by homework.

    When we saw our son benefited a lot from the school in such a very short time, my wife and I decided to join the school's parent support group early in his Sec 1 year to give back and be in touch with the school.

    We are still with the Dunman Supportive Parents group or DSP till today and will continue to volunteer into our 4th year too.

    Really hope that I have given some information from my personal experience that you may find useful to decide the school for your child.

    Take care and have a good week ahead.

  6. Hi Muhd Imran,

    Thank you for your reply. I really aprreciate it. I really have a better understanding about Dunman sec and you have cleared most of my doubts. I can feel your family's love for the school and share your joy for having such a bright son. I think maintaining a balance between a school and play life is essential. Your son is lucky to have a supportive family and teachers. Best wishes to you and your family.

    Best regards,


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