Tuesday, February 02, 2010

'Tis The Season

The flu bug has been going around for weeks.

I keep seeing people at work and many, while riding in public buses with runny nose. Fortunately, some very civic minded people were seen wearing disposable face masks... with interesting designs on them too.

Not sure if I speak too soon but I am so far fortunate not to get infected while all this is going on. Maybe I had my flu jab in November last year when H1N1 jabs were also available here.

Wifey is not so fortunate, though. She has been getting the flu and recovered, then got it again like a vicious cycle. I have been telling her to get the flu jab but have no idea why she would rather delay having it... after many reminders, it begins sounding like a nag, even to myself.

Today, I took leave off work to accompany her to the doctor's. Unsure if the flu has anything to do with it but she has been having mild asthma attacks lately. So she has to use her inhaler a little often than the normal once in the morning routine. I worry for her.

Today, I went with her to Raffles Medical, the newly opened clinic at Tampines One. Thought that it will be a long, drawn-out time at the clinic... being in the morning and on a Tuesday, but all was well there as far as time was concern.

She got to see the doctor in time and were were out of there half an hour later. They drew her blood and took urine samples with the results pending in 10 days time.

In the immediate term, nothing serious... no corticosteroid-kind of "heavy-loaded" medication was needed or prescribed. That is good news. The Flixonase suspension she is using now is good enough.

She will have to go to Changi General Hospital on Monday, next week for her asthma follow-up again.

Since we were there, I got to view the many types of wheelchairs sold at its HomeCare Pharmacy on the ground floor. Many of them looked good and many were pricy too... at S$800.00 and above. Yikes!

Nonetheless, we managed to get a much cheaper version and even lightweight one at S$295.00. Since my Aunt Z is a Staff Nurse at CGH, we got a further 10% discount at an employee's price.

I headed straight to Mom's place to give her her new set of "wheels" while Wifey went straight home since her flue was making her uncomfortable. I felt guilty leaving her home alone for a while but Sonny will be back soon from his school to be with her then.

Mom was obviously happy to see her new wheelchair. She tried sitting on it and felt it was much comfortable than the old one that has already sagged and seems to "squeeze" her rears when she sat in it for longer periods.

Elder Sis came later in the afternoon and was truly happy she could lift the wheelchair easily. She has been the one who accompanies Mom to the Woodlands Polyclinic for her periodic check-ups.

She has been struggling to wheel Mom across bumps and inclined roads with the one. At 12KG then with the old wheelchair, and now a reduced weight of 3.5KG with the new one, I do hope it makes for a significant ease to her problem.

It is the lightest I could find at this price range, after several weeks of searching.

By late afternoon, Mom's place was alive again with her children and grandchildren stopping by. I was so happy to see so many faces on a weekday, all intentions to keep Mom company. The happy and "busy" chats Mom was having with them made her day brighter and at least lift her spirits up a little.

I left Mom's place satisfied to at least accomplished little good things in a not so favourable circumstance today.

Wifey is well again. Back to her normal self.

She was watching her favourite Korean serial when I reached home.

After dinner, we were busy with our creative work... I helped her packed the little pots from her pottery club. She had to pack about 20 pieces, each with little teddy bears to be sold at Sonny's school during Valentine's Day.

All is well again in this household today... Wifey has made up her mind to get a flu jab soon.

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  1. Am glad wifey is feeling better.
    I have just been off work with a bad chest and flu like symptoms...for 8 days eeww. There are some nasty bugs going around.
    It made me smile reading your post because I was born in Changi Hospital...
    Glad you found the new light weight model for your mum.Life is hard and it's good to have labour saving gadgets and items to ease things.
    Hope you are feeling less sad my good friend. It's early days just now...
    ake care and will call by again soon.


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