Sunday, February 07, 2010

Not Sonny's Sunday

Sonny woke up with a bad headache this Sunday morning.

He had to skip Sunday school for his religious class and his Malay language tuition class in the afternoon too.

I had to accompany him to the family doctor, a short walking distance away from our home. It was surprising to see so many patients already waiting for consultation.

The queue number displayed was 4 while we were number 20. So we were in for a long wait for our turn.

The SCDF bunker turned Healthway Clinic was just too depressing for us to wait inside... with all the sick people coughing and sneezing, we waited outside the clinic where the morning air was cleaner and fresh.

Sitting on the curb and shaded by the large rain trees, the place was actually more serene and tranquil in the morning... never mind the parked cars. I actually enjoyed the birds chirping, singing their morning song.

The sun bird was especially vocal and very enjoyable to listen to. Even with his throbbing head, Sonny stopped to listen when I pointed my finger up at the tree.

He said it hurt lesser it seemed because he forgot about the headache and enjoyed the therapeutic morning song.

Sitting there, the 40-minute-long wait did not seem too long after all.

Maybe, that is exactly what Sonny needs. A break from his daily, hectic school workload and instead of resting his mind during his free time, he spends it at his computer.

The remedy may simply be to just spend a little time off not doing anything... just to sit back, relax, and enjoy nature's free, environmentally-friendly, multi-sensory offering that is good for the mind, body and soul.

At the doctor's consultation room, Sonny was prescribed with pain reliever that is stronger than Panadol, to try out first for a few days whenever he gets the pain again.

The immediate remedy the doctor suggested was to get enough sleep and drink enough fluids and to monitor a few days more... he was confident that it will help. That was good to know.

If the pain persists, only then he would suggest a blood test and maybe CT scan of the head.

Hopefully it does not have to go to that extent!

Sonny usually turns in at 10:30PM daily but since he is in Secondary 3 this year, we know he has been having heavy workload daily; with homework and projects that make him stay up late into the night... past midnight on several occasion.

Not that he is struggling to cope with the lessons, he is a bright young man and a very capable chap too. I guess it is the workload that the cream of the crop class has to endure... each teacher giving their brand of homework, by the end of the school day, the students have plenty to content with.

Sonny slept through most of the day after having his lunch and after taking his medications after that.

He woke up late afternoon and seemed refreshed and cheerful. Something Wifey and I were more than happy to see. We really hope he can manage his workload well in due time and reduce any stress he is having.

Tomorrow, Wifey will go back to Changi General Hospital for her asthma appointment. We will have to see what her specialist has to say about her frequent mild attacks lately...

That is another story... I only pray that all will be well again in this household.


  1. Wow, your family is really being assailed with ailments lately. Sonny is probably an over-achiever like his dad; he'll eventually learn to deal with the pressure. I hope Wifey finds some relief for her asthma.
    Your family is so close-knit; I think that's great.

  2. Hey it has been a while I have a new post up, to say sorry for my absense I hope you check it out.
    School does get overwhelming, I know I get that way in college, but it will all be worth it.

  3. I will add my prayers to yours Muhd. I am sorry to read about your family's illnesses but heartened to know of the love that you share. Be well, all of you!


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