Friday, October 16, 2009

Corner On 4th

Well, I have survived this far...

One week to be exact but I hope I will continue on for as long as they need me.

Since the company's restructuring as a reaction to the world economy's downturn, a long arduous one in fact, everyone that are still standing, has been holding their breath for as long as possible.

Everyone tried their best to hold their ground during the storm of global recession. It has affected many lives here too, in many ways than I can ever articulate to do any justice to their often painful stories.

I am not faulting the company, at the end of the day, it is business as usual. Singapore is not immune to this financial crisis, being one of the financial powerhouse in Southeast Asia and depending on manufacturing as one of many of its services, without natural resource to cushion the impact, many lives were affected... changed.

Everyone here was battered with the sudden "heavy storm" that came with it. Many succumbed and "drowned" but many more persevered and survived.

The many efforts by our government to revive the drowning victims were quite successful if the newspapers were to be trusted. Those that survived have kept their own belts tightened and thread the waters cautiously still.

After enduring pay cuts since early this year to sustain and keep the ship sailing strong, many of my workmates had to be transferred to other facilities either on this island or to plants across the causeway.

Many too left on their own with new or without jobs waiting for them. Yet many too have success stories to tell. They found new jobs that are in fact, with better pay and position.

I am just so happy for them and hope for their success at their new place. It provides hope and a light at the end of a very dark tunnel under a dark sky.

I have been fortunate all this while. Though not totally unscathed, I have been spared from having to make drastic changes to my workplace and job nature. I have been transferred to another department but is manageable and am progressively learning my new job skills to quite a confident level.

The dark and stormy clouds seem to be slowly clearing to reveal brighter days ahead.

I got an apple from the company yesterday. All employees will get their free apples on Thursdays to keep the workplace healthy. It is heeding the government's "An apple a day keeps the doctors away" campaign.

It gives a human feel to an otherwise faceless business entity.

Everyone received an email from HR that our pay will be reinstated to its full amount in November 2009 onwards. That is truly a welcomed news.

Alone and with no familiar friends of more than 15 years from 2nd floor, I have survived for a week at my new cubicle in the corner, on the 4th floor!

I have met a few new neighbors and I had some old friends visited me at my new desk during the week.

Though I envy them still in the same department and with the whole lot moving to a new place and still be together, we are still a phone call away... a Skype click away and most importantly, we are still breakfast and lunch buddies as always.

Life is dynamic... always changing, always evolving. Yet one thing remains true and the same... our friendship bond is still going strong!

Maybe I get a plant for my desk. It will keep me company and will relieve me of any residual stresses I have with the changes that is going on while I adapt to the new environment.


  1. Muhd,

    I am so happy to hear that you get to stay at your company...maybe a bit different job but still familiar to you? I know it's not easy being surrounded by new surroundings. I've gone through so much of that in my life these days, it seems nothing is constant...though I would love it to be!

    Also am so happy that your pay will be what it used to be starting in November. Things are looking up! It looks like our economy is improving here in the U.S. but the job loss's still continue. It will take time to catch up to the improving economy job wise but it will happen...slowly but surely.

    Once again thank you for sharing the good news that you get to stay in the same company that you are familiar with and maybe make some new friends along the way?

    I'm very happy and relieved for you and your family.



  2. P.S. Have you recovered from you cold and flu yet? I hope so..

  3. You said this SO well, especially the reality of life ever changing. We are adaptable. It is in our design. But we must tap into it and clearly you have. I sense that you will be a blessing to new friends and that their numbers will be many. I know I would enjoy working in a cubicle close by. And honestly? I think the plant idea is an awesome one. Choose a beauty.

  4. Glad to see you are well. Adaptation is a good thing. I wish you many new friends, speed of learning your new job and lots of love from your family. Be well my far away friend.


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