Friday, August 14, 2009

Sit Back, Relax

No camping but a relaxing chat on the beach makes up for it

The eve of our National Day was a nice day out for this family.

We scrapped the idea of camping out overnight at Changi Beach Park when Sonny was not keen to sighting his school project needed some extra time to complete.

Campers already set for a long National Day weekend

Instead, we had dinner at Changi Village Hawker Centre and sat on the mat at the beach after that.

It was a nice change to have no techno gadget in anyone's hands to distract us from having good conversation with one another, just catching up.

Wild Red-breasted Parakeet original native of Tasmania

Sonny was particularly chatty that evening, so it was a nice way to get to know the goings-on he has at school... with lessons, teachers and about his friends.

There was a flee market held at the village, so it was a nice change to see so many people there with so many activities along the chalets and the market place. I found my "Eplorer Hat" there for ten bucks.

Flee Market opening along Changi Village Chalets

The once sleepy except for the calls from the many Red-breasted Parakeets on the trees, Changi Village is now quite a happening place.

Yet its rustic charms are still respected while its tranquility especially along the beach and park area are still being retained.

Anglers already set for the night's catch along Changi Beach

As always, the food at the hawker centre is always delicious regardless of which of the many Malay foodl stall we chose to buy our food from.

It is amazing how much technology has replaced face to face conversation within the family itself. The many modern day methods of communications can never replace the good old face to face converstation.

Changi Ferry Terminal against the setting sun

The chats we had at the beach was enlightening and strengthens our family bond all the more. It was as if once we got away from technology, we discover the bare and basic enjoyment of communication again.

Flee Market at Changi Village Market

Many items caught Wifey's & Sonny's attention

3 Red-breasted Parakeets making lots of noise on the trees

Flee Market just starting for the night along Changi Village Chalets

Lots of items sold temptingly cheap at this flee market

A lone Red-breasted Parakeet peeling the bark off the tree


  1. What a wonderful outing...and especially a good one with much sharing and family time!

    Hope you have a wonderful week and so glad you had such a nice holiday

    Love, Jess

  2. I like to step onto Changi beach for the open sea and clean sand. Changi village also retains its laid-back charm for me.

  3. Indeed, it does seem difficult for families to have simple conversations these days; folks are always surfing the Internet or watching TV. The youngsters are busy text-messaging. Who would have guessed how things would be, even ten years ago?

  4. What a wonderful way to spend time together as a family!

  5. You are so right technology has replaced face to face communications. It is so easy to access the whole world from so many places. but putting the devices away for a while and just actually communicating is a very nice treat.

  6. Hello All,
    Thanks for stopping by. It is indeed a different and whole experience we had without the distractions of today's techno gadgets in the way.

    It was like return to innocence, when things were simpler and face-to-face communication provides so much impact.

    For us, it was a good opportunity for family bonding.

    Thanks again. Take care.


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