Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wave Worries Goodbye

I got my brief retreat today and it was a nice one. Alone.

Wifey was busy with strands of crystals and beads making her next necklace masterpiece creation. I did not have the heart to disturb her when the creative juices were flowing freely.

In his room, clacking away on his keyboard, Sonny hooked-up with his new teenage friends from Australia and the USA who are contributing their work to his Games and Forum website Sonny is hosting.

They both were doing things they love. Good for them...

After the continuous rainy days for the past few weeks, today was a totally beautiful day. Sunny and breezy, I could see blue skies again. It would have been a total waste if I had not spent my day outside.

After my afternoon prayers, I grabbed my camera and got on my bike. Cycled off to the nearest "watering hole," Pasir Ris Beach Park.

The beach is really a happening place on Saturday afternoons. All the barbecue pitches were already taken-up, smoke from the charcoal smelt so nice in the breeze. Tents already pitched in clusters near the water's edge.

Families were out having a good time together. Yes, the weekend life.

I got to pick a quiet spot almost towards the end of the coast, near the wharf.

Sat there alone, looking out to the sea. Rhythm of the waves pounding on the beach was hypnotic, while the clean breeze in my face lull me into oblivion... yes, what a weekend life.

I was lost in my thoughts for those few hours alone. I was happy. My worries seemed to have washed out far into the sea... or at least for now.

Yes, the many worries I hold somewhere at the back of my mind...

Between watching people being let go at work day by day and observing Dad going through his chemo treatment with that strong hoping for a good outcome... I just had to switch all the troubles off mind and do nothing.

I have this survival mechanism that tells me to retreat and go for time out.

It always draws me out into wide open spaces and somewhere where a large body of water is near. A watering hole to nourish my soul back to life.

My instinct and legs worked together today to bring me the nearest beach once I left home.

At times though, I feel that I am running away from the problems that I cannot fix, but I know I will always return back with a clearer mind and stronger will to face whatever that I have to face later.


  1. Hi Muhd Imran, taking time out is a good strategy to help clear our minds. Your outings to the park is also very healthy for the body. Keep it up and take care!

  2. this must be a difficult time for you when your mind feels like a blurr, but dont let the burden of responsibilty wear u done bro. Dont loose yourself bro.

    You have to be strong for the people you love, yes, but sometimes the greatest strength is to realize your own limits and weaknesses.

    My prayers go out to your dad and your family. Sometimes we just need to stop and appreciate what we have, and you my brother have alot of things to feel blessed over.

    Take care and hope we all find serenity.

  3. Hello Muhd ... It is 1 am Sun/Mon and it was refreshing reading your last post and seeing your photos, esp since here the "chill factor" is way below zero Fahrenheit and the snow is 2 feet deep out there. The cat is not happy! He had to use his inside litter box - ha! We ventured out to a bookstore and I bought a new book (Into The Wild) and we had dinner very close to our home. The holiday is coming soon but my heart isn't in it, at least not the "materiality" part of it. I used to send out 100 cards or so but maybe this year I sent out 10 (high estimate!) but the bills are paid, a few modest gifts bought, and in the next 2 wks the workload at work will be less with a little time off. I lived vicariously through your "time out" on your bike today, looking out past the water and the trees, having a beautiful sunny day. The 2 birds are beautiful, also. Birds around here are all frantic and puffed up to try and keep warm, but my wonderful husband, Jeffrey, goes out nearly everyday and fills the birdfeeders and thistle bags and suet cake holders. A huge! bag of bagels were going to be thrown away where he works, so he got those and we broke them all up for those cold little birdies. Today was our Winter Solstice, or the "first day of winter" here. It lived up to its name, that's for sure! There were "snow devils" all over the place...little snow tornadoes that would whip up with the high winds all over the place. BUT! I, too, waved goodbye to my worries and I wave hello to you across the globe and wish you renewed calm, resolve and peace of mind to lead you into the new year. I am calling it the "Mighty Fine 2009" for now.
    Your profile mentions that you are a Cancer Horse, and that is exactly what my husband is, except he is probably 12 yrs older than you, and his birthday is 7/5/1954. Mine is 12/28/51 and I will be 57 next Sunday...which is also our 23rd wedding anniversary. All in all, we have many things to be grateful about and feel blessed. We send our blessings to you and your family also.
    p.s. sometime take a photo of your wife's necklaces she makes!
    Best to you, SisSTAR Kyle

  4. Be sure that you take time for you, others will need the strength you will gain from it. That in itself will help you to cope and stay strong.

    Looks so lovely there.

    Am jealous.

  5. I think people the world over have those worries at the back of their minds. Quiet time enjoying the beauty of nature is good medicine.

  6. I could look at these pictures for hours -- grass! green! warm! :)


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