Friday, December 26, 2008

Full Steam Ahead

Alright. My job here is done.

We got ourselves an all-in-one oven. I have just finished placing it on the kitchen cabinet and successfully operating it with raving reviews... it does what it claims to do.

Warm yet fluffy donuts and banana fritters... from the freezer to the oven, to the table!

A far departure from our previous microwave oven and the times we had to content with lately. Reheated or warmed-up food, all dried and shrank in size, with little flavor or nutrients left.

Well, it was not all bad while our Cornell Microwave Oven was in commission for the past 2 years or so. It did its job like any microwave oven out there. Considering we had it for a bargain of only S$48.00, serving us for the short period has not left me disgruntled.

Only lately though, we had to tolerate its whims as it came and went intermittently... like getting half a plate of our food warmed-up and nice while the other half never left the freezer.

Reheating it again, would sometimes dried or hardened to the point of burning the edges. We pretty much had to depend on our luck whenever it comes to reheating leftover food or those that needed microwave.

Wifey does a good job cooking, but most of the leftovers wound up in the trash bin when our microwave oven acted-up on us.

Well, not any more. All is normal again so far, these few days at least. In fact, better than that. Our newly invested Panasonic Steam Plus NN-GS597MYPQ Inverter Oven has so far exceeded my expectations.

It uses steam to cook so it preserves much of the nutrients and flavor in the food. It uses an inverter technology... beats me what that is all about, but so far the food has been heavenly resurrected from the frost it once laid in the fridge.

I think we most probably compared it to our last few nasty experiences. Maybe too, the novelty has yet to cool down... it is still so shiny and new and all.

But one thing is for sure. For a sale price tag of S$529.00 with an additional S$50.00 NTUC groceries voucher, we grabbed and took it home from Courts MegaTex sale at the Singapore Expo on Christmas holiday.

"I can now bake Betty Croker cakes again." Wifey announced with renewed zest. She was experiencing happy jitters just reminiscing the times she used to bake cakes with our electric built-in oven. It died on her while baking a Pandan Cake... we did not get to eat that desert.

Now she can start again. She was even thinking out loud what type of marinate she should use to grill a chicken with this oven. I am excited for her and equally excited to find what will be on the dinner table with this new found tool she has at her disposal.

All I can say is... Sweet!


  1. Sweets baked by your sweet wife!
    How cute is this post.
    And fun you could purchase a new oven for your family.
    Now you and your son will want baked goods all the time.
    Stay cool in that Singapore heat.

  2. I have never heard of that kind of oven. However a few weeks ago we bought what we call a convection oven which we really like. It looks and cooks similiar to the one you have. It saves on utility bills from cooking in the large gas oven. You can cook in it sort of like you are saying yours will cook. I haven't tried any cakes in it but have tried the rotisserie and it works great.
    Glad that your Dad is doing better. Helen

  3. We've been using the same Sharp microwave I got new in 1990. Still runs great and is used several times a day. We'd like to try a newer model or a newer technology like yours, but we can't seem to give up this old workhorse that's served us so well. Happy snacking!!!!!

  4. This sounds wonderful. Happy cooking and baking!

  5. I am so happy for you to have good food made by your Wifey! I'm glad she was so happy, too! We have my mother's 22-1/2 yr old electric stove/ oven and never had a microwave. People think we're from the stone age, but we don't mind ;oD
    We have a teakettle on top of it and we had a small roasted chicken for the holiday dinner.
    Thanks for your comment on my post, always appreciated. Yesterday was our 23rd anniv and my 27th BD and we had a very nice wkend indeed. Now back to work for a few days. With 50-60 mph winds, the bldg I work in had a power outage but I learned at 1 am it was back on (darn! ;o) so I guess I can't play hookey. My husband is grieving his Detroit Lions football team making a record 0-16 for the worst team in history! I thought, hey! at least they set a record! ha ha!
    Happy New Year, Muhd, and a Mighty Fine 2009 it will be - I just know it! Blessings on your day.

  6. I wonder if this is the same as a convection oven?

  7. Thanks for stopping by Brushstrokes. If you know me very well, I spend a LOT of TIME in the kitchen.... How I love to cook and bake.

    Your new oven looks great...... I'm sure good things will be on your table soon.


  8. I got a new microwave in October and it's much more powerful than the one it replaced. I like the extra power and shorter cooking times, but I don't like that it's much bigger than the old one and takes up more counter space.

    Hope you and Wifey enjoy your new oven and that it makes delectable cakes and other foods for you. It's a bit pricey for a countertop oven, but it's about the same price as a range with an oven, I suppose.

    Glad your Dad seems to be tolerating the chemo drugs well at this time.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed New Year, my friend.



  9. Happy New Year to you and yours and blessings for the coming year.
    I love your new oven. I was hoping Santa was going to be bring me a new microwave but he must have forgotten.
    I have rust in the bottom of mine...oh yeah!!!


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