Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All Is Well

Since his last consultation with the oncologist at NCC last Friday, I have been in a covert operation, monitoring Dad's condition when he started on his Chemotherapy treatment the following morning.

With my second eldest Sis staying over at our parents' place overnight, my trusted spy has been feeding status to me from day to day.

It has been five days today, and word from the horse's mouth himself is saying he is well...

"I don't have diarrhea like you said." Dad quipped happily, "Everything is pretty much normal the way I'm feeling right now." He said over the phone on the fourth day when I called to check.

That is good news... very good news!

I am so relieved that Dad is not experiencing any of the expected side effects from the medication. The oncologist had asked to look out for these few symptoms even though she said the dosage that Dad is getting is a mild one, considering his age.

Nevertheless, Dad is a strong man, as he has always been physically and spiritually. Attributes that are most admirable about him.

All weekend and week long, my siblings and in-laws have been flocking to their home, bring all kinds of delicious homemade food pampering to satisfy our parents' palates and feeding their soul with good, and cheery company. Got to love them all.

My Niece had planned so many outdoor activities with her grandparents... but with some reluctance lately since the treatment started.

"He refused to go out because he doesn't want to get exposed to the sun," Mom somewhat complained to me over the phone, "he doesn't want to get sun burns."

An avid fan of outings, Mom was upset when Dad turned down his granddaughter's invitations to take them out to the zoo last Tuesday. The doctor was cautioning against too long an exposure to the harsh sun that is from 9AM to 3PM when it is at its strongest.

I had to console Dad that it was definitely good to be cautious, but it should not affect their normal way of life and having fun outside. All he needed to do to have fun and feel safe at the same time was to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt and a cap. Use sun block even... and enjoy The Almighty's creations outdoors as much...

"We'll be taking her car to the parks..." was Dad's much welcomed reply from our last telephone conversation. Phew! No more Dracula syndrome.

With that all cleared-up, my parents are looking at an outing to the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and even the Duck Tours these few weekends. They will surely have lots fun out there... beats being cooped-up in the house all week long.

My Niece however, should get an award for being the "Fun Ambassador" of the family.

She has been taking them out often to practically everywhere on this island conveniently in her new 7-seater car she just bought.

They just went out to the Underwater World at Sentosa Island Resort two weekends ago. They had even drove around Orchard Road feasting on the bright and festive Christmas Light-up along road of the infamous uptown shopping belt.

Mom and Dad are so blessed to have such wonderful children and grandchildren who love them so much. We cannot stay away from these lovely old folks even if we tried.

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas! I hope it's lovely for you and yours.

  2. Ah Muhd, I am so glad to hear that your dad's chemotherapy has not been as bad as might be expected.

    I also thank you for being a loyal follower, even when I disappear from my blog for a few weeks.

    Kathy -- Flamingo Feathers
    Today is Christmas where you are. Merry Christmas and blessings to all of you.

    I love the floating look of the Christmas Trees at the mall. Very interesting. ;)

  3. Happy Holidays
    Ah Christmas in Singapore.. Orchard Road, and the zoo and duck tours and bird park and night safari! All such fun.We were there four Decembers.. 2002,2003,2004, 2005!!
    And so happy to hear your father is not suffering from those terrible side effects of chemnotherapy.
    Much happiness to all of your family.

  4. I'm going to remember your Dad in prayer today. It sounds like your family gives wonderful and loving support to one another (as it should be). I love the photos you included with this entry, btw. Beautiful!
    Thank you for the Merry Christmas wishes. Wishing you this season's very best as well. You strike me as a sweet soul and I'm glad to count you among my blogging friends.

  5. I'm so impressed at the way you and your siblings take care of your parents. It's how it should be, but so often it doesn't work out that way. Perhaps it's the custom there; if so, we in the USA need to emulate it.

    I followed your holidays and lights and festivities a few weeks ago; now it's our turn. Thanks for the seasonal good wishes sent our way.

  6. Thanks so much for the good holiday wishes. I love the photos you posted. So you are a day ahead of us there? I am humbled by your family and the love between all of you. It gives me a good feeling. I miss my parents very much, and my brother, esp right now. My father's birthday was the same day as mine, Dec 28th, and he would be 103 Sunday!! Wow! Makes me feel real old! My husband goes out to shovel walkways for Tuffy to walk around in. He gets out there and he's so wild, climbing up trees and running all over like a crazy cat! Jeff was never a cat person, but loved dogs. Now he is sold on this little stray who came to watch over us just a few days after my brother died, and our dog. I know I probably keep telling that story, but it is quite profound to me. He is like our little guardian angel, even if he's quite a little devil sometimes!
    Have you ever experienced snow like here in Michigan? Lots of folks hightailed it to warmer climates for the holidays, but I wouldn't want to go to the airport now for anything, or fly anywhere with all the freezing rain and high winds. The other day it was about -30F chill factor (taking wind velocity into account). Tuffy chose to walk out and immediate back in those days! Well, Muhd, bless you richly in abundance and happiness. You already have lots of love in your heart, soul and family. Thanks so much for your kindnesses. It is soaked up like a dried up sponge to a warm summer rain shower, and I feel blessed by your friendship.
    Yes, a Mighty Fine 2009!! That's how I see it.
    SisSTAR Kyle


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