Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm 15 Today!

Yes, I am fifteen today... well, not today, but back in March.

No, not my age but the number of years I have been with the company.

Yes, it has been that long... and unlike a teenager, I feel so old. Sigh.

Today, my Boss came over to my desk to hand me a Long Service Award envelope. Fortunately a white one, not pink. Commendation and not condemnation... termination.

"Wow! 15 years. Congratulations." He said.

"Wow! A big envelope." I said to myself. "Thank you." I replied.

As he left the office, my friends crowded around me... congratulations from everyone.

It was indeed a big envelope... half the size of an A4 size paper. On it was printed with my name in big bold letters and "15 Year Award" in parenthesis.

Inside was a letter of congratulatory from our CEO and an invite for a dinner award this May 2008 at a 5-star hotel. Cool.

What is even more "cool" is the gold pendant that I will be receiving. 15 gram of 916 gold is quite a lot of money... taking the price of 916 gold is about S$30.00 today.

Then again, I had two other prior occasions where I received gold pendants too. 5 and 10 grams reflecting 5 and 10 years of service with the company respectively. All given to Wifey, and this one too since Muslim men are not permitted to wear gold jewelery.

I would not want to look like an R&B dude either.

I have seen and work... dealt with a lot of people. Most left for "greener pastures." A few actually passed-on prematurely, unfortunately. Great friends who I still keep in contact with, some nemesis I wish and am trying to forget, but in retrospect it always seems not-so-bad, sweet at times.

Never thought I would last this long. Seeing the ups and downs, the hay days and the trying periods like a roller coaster ride, but alas 15 years to celebrate. Phew!

So here's to 15 more?!

Err.... I do not know if I want to last that long here. Only time will tell. I would not want to be a deadwood.

In the meantime, do my best since I am paid to do so and enjoy my weekends and vacations with my family, the best I know how.


  1. My husband has been at his workplace for 15 years also. He loves his job.

  2. Congratulations Imran! I am glad you have a job that provides recognition and friendship. May your years there continue to be happy ones.

  3. Wow, fantastic. Fifteen years is indeed an achievement.
    I don't think I've ever done anything consistently for 15 years!! Oh no tell a lie - I've been a Mommy....

    Been giggling at the image of you doing a R&B dude with shed loads of bling!!

    Didn't know that you aren't allowed to wear gold jewellry. I pick up a lot on your site over time Imran. Thank you

  4. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for coming over.

    Donna | Congrats to him. 15 years is a long time for me. For being happy with his job after all those years is an absolutely admirable. I have been a tat whiny with mine though.

    MomPoet | This job has been a right choice in financial terms for me as I have benefited lots from it.

    Then again sometimes I feel I ought to do something different, something I'm passionate about, but no everyone can get the cake and eat it too.

    Nonetheless, I am grateful that I lasted this long and quite happy with the way things turned out for me to date.

    Tanie | My sentiments exactly! 15 years?! Wow. Yikes!

    Wonderful to be a Mommy for 15. I have been a Daddy for 12. great job and tough at times too.

    Yeap! Black wristband with a watch and black sports titanium necklace for therapeutic reasons is all I need. Bo bling-bling for me.

    Yes, not allowed to wear. So no reason for men to splash all that gold on oneself. Gold is reserved for investments and decorative jeweleries for the ladies.

    Yes. We can learn a lot more from each other. The power of internet and blogging. Love it.

    Thank you all for stopping by. Have a good week ahead.

  5. Congratulations...that's a pretty long time.
    I'm not sure about gifts for long service here in the UK, but when men retire they are sometimes awarded with a ''gold watch''.

    Great news.

  6. Omg congrats bro! As loyal as it gets, we like that. Me, I am still at my first job, going on three years now. Things are a bit shady and the future unknown, but hey, if it works for you, why change it.

    My dads been in the same company for 27 years, thats a longer time than I have been on earth ;)

    take care and have fun at the dinner.

  7. Congratulations! It sounds as if you are one of the truly blessed people in this world.
    I know you know that and are thankful for it. It shows.

  8. Wah Imran... lamanya kerja kat situ... kalau kat Malaysia jarang jarang orang kerja selama tu... biasanya hanya bertahan paling lama pun 5 tahun... tahniah

  9. Just popping in to see how your life is going. I do hope all is well. I mentioned to Berenice about wifey's asthma and she says if you would like to mail her with any questions etc, she would be more than happy to talk with you.
    Her e-mail addy is
    No pressure, just an outlet for you.
    Have a great week-end friend and look forward to your next post.

  10. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for stopping by. I know I have been lagging on my posts lately.

    I was not that busy, but was in the mood to surf lately, much less post anything.

    Ellen | I working in a local company. Unlike government establishment, they may have grander gifts for long service awards. Here, 5, 10, 15 and 20 grams of gold pendant corresponding to the same number of years served is given regardless of gender.

    Though a little imagination would be good than gold, many take it as an investment exchangeable for money when the price is right.

    Thank you and Bernice for the offer. I do have many questions on real-life experiences to cope with such situation. I will take it up.

    Andrew | Thanks Bro. I read that you appeared on TV, but I could not find it when I followed the link.

    It should be an interesting and exciting time for you. Congrats, Bro.

    Crashy | You are right, if it works why fix it. I'll stay for as long as they require me and I feel that I am contributing and happy with it.

    27 years is a very long time. A model worker I'm sure. Something I can emulate too.

    As for you, a bright future you will shine with your zest of energy and personality. I believe you will have a great career.

    LizP | Thanks. I'm indeed truly blessed to be where I am and whom I am with in my life right now.

    Family is great and keeps me sane no matter how insane situations can get.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


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