Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April's Full Day

Woodlands Polyclinic View from shop-house

It seemed like a full-day today.

At work, I finally found a way to tabulate and calculate man-hour requirements for the group and was formatting my spreadsheet away until my sixth sense told me that it was time to go.

I had taken half-day leave off from work to take my Mom to Woodlands Polyclinic since she had a relapse of flu and was feeling feverish the day before.

The private GP's medication she got from her first visit a block away from her home was good initially, but a relapse caused a little scare when she suffered shortness of breath... probably because of the congested lungs.

"I had a bad case of flu last night" Mom told me over the phone yesterday afternoon, "I could barely breathe..." paused and coughed violently. "I thought I was dying."

"You sound pretty bad." I replied and was concern about her. "You should to go the doctor..." I suggested "the polyclinic should be the best since they are taking care of your medical."

I called my Sister who suggested that I go to Woodlands polyclinic in the afternoon since there will be less walk-in patients then than in the morning, where working people go to get MCs off from work.

Woodlands Polyclinic Open Garden

So after a packed-lunch I bought along the way to my parents' place, we left their home for the polyclinic which has since been renovated to become a spacious, even cleaner and orderly place.

The registration for a queue number is now automated with 3 touch-screen self-serve booths, but with 2 staffs to show you how. Mom's queue number was 2580.

After a 10 minutes wait, she was asked to wait to see the doctor from Rooms 42 to 47 at level 2. That was the longest wait from the entire government doctor's visit of about 40 minutes.

An Indian male doctor... I forgotten his name already, examine Mom to find that she still had a little fever but fortunately not a congested lungs.

Mom was prescribed cough syrup and pills for her flu, paracetamol for her slight fever and mouth gargle and cream for her mouth sores which we collected from the pharmacy with our 2428 queue number after another 10 minutes wait.

The doctor's consultation fee was S$4.60 for senior citizens and S$3.50 for the medicines to total at S$8.10 after heavily subsidized.

It is truly a very reasonable fee with reasonable standard of service and nice facilities. The only downside is the waiting time, but an understandable inconvenience for a government establishment that serves the massive public.

Back at their home, Mom surprised me with a wallet she bought for me after I surprised her with some extra spending money from my bonus together with their monthly expenses money that I normally give from my paycheck.

Gucci wallet! Well, a very good imitation she bought from a traveling Nepalese salesman. At age 75, she is oblivious to the brand name or that it was fake. Fortunately she bought it for under S$12.00.

It is the thought that counts and coming from them, it is priceless!

Get well soon Mom! Talk to you both soon.


  1. We almost always have to wait in the doctor's exam room at least a half-hour. And our costs are much greater!

  2. Best wishes to your Mum

    Over here the world thinks we have a 'free' health service. Believ me it ain't free. Taken at source from our paypacket we have no choice. Just dressed up differently and the waiting time is barbaric in a civilised society...

  3. Hope your mom feels better soon! With a son as nice as you, I'm sure she will.

    It is so hard to see our mothers hurt in any way- they were always the strong ones in the past. But the shoe slowly goes on the other foot as we (and they) get older, and it is our pleasure to try and give back a little bit to them.
    They always seem to try and out-give us though- like the wallet!!

  4. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Donna | The public healthcare here is reasonable at the polyclinics but quite on the high side at the hospitals, I feel personally.

    If one does not mind a higher cost but is irritated by the longer longer waiting time, the there are so many private GPs within walking distance from our homes.

    The cost for consultation and medicines will be about S$30. Still affordable I think.

    Tanie | Wow. I didn't know that. I do know that the tax is high and so are the living expenses, so most couples, like the one I know who came here several times do not wish to have children because of that. Interesting to know more.

    LizP | You are so right. I agree with you fully. Our parents have always been the strong ones for us when we were still tender.

    It is indeed time to give as much back to them, though it will never be enough as they have done so much more for us unconditionally.

    Yes, there is always something up my Mom's sleeves. It is hard to outdo her. She give happiness a good name.

    Thank you all again for your nice messages. Have a great week ahead.


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