Friday, April 11, 2008

The Great Downpour

Today is Friday. A wet day. The whole day.

The morning saw a downpour that clouded visibility and slowed traffic down. It even stopped traffic in several places. One such place was the expressway along TPE just before the Punggol exit.

I took a cab thinking that the bus will make me late for work. I was dead wrong. The rain made everyone late for work.

The cab I took was dead in its tracks just like the early warning traffic sign flashed as we entered TPE. A tat too late for a warning. The driver made a clever "escape" from the expressway by taking the first exit at Punggol and straight down to Sengkang East Road, my exit on a normal day's ride.

I was relieved to leave the snailing traffic on the TPE, but was short-lived a few traffic lights away. Another traffic jam was trailing vehicles just after we passed Compass Point Mall.

"I think we should go by Jalan Kayu and exit by Yio Chu Kang." The driver suggested. "May be there's flooding further down." Pouted his lips to point to the jam ahead.

I just agreed, since I had never seen a traffic jam on this route before. An accident maybe... with all this bad weather and poor visibility. Flood? Not likely, I thought to myself as the driver diverted another time passing the SMRT LRT building.

"Oh no." The driver sighed to himself.

"Oh man!" I shouted in my head.

The traffic condition was the same everywhere after all. I ended-up being stuck in the cab for almost an hour in what would normally have been a 20-minute ride.

I had to pay the price for an urgent ride to work today that cost me S$24.00! Still, I reached my intended destination in one peace. That is good.

The whole day turned-out mostly wet, with rain stopping for a brief moment only to blur the sights again with heavy downpour and clouding mists. A drenching scenery out the glass doors as I looked out from my desk.

Like the day, the pace at work was slow too. Since manufacturing was not working overtime today, an exodus of the support people took leave off work too, so the whole office seemed gloomy inside, reflecting the weather outside.

I am however amazed at the suggestive power of the mind... I was late an embarrassing hour for work today. Paid a significant amount of money for a cab fare, had soaking wet pair of shoes that was air-con dried under my desk, worked a full day's worth in a sleepy office, yet my spirits lifted more and more with every passing hour.

Why? Simply because it is Friday. The weekend is here! I live for the weekend.

The bad thing is that it is only for two days. The good thing is, I get to celebrate the weekend every week... starting 5:30PM.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, as I will with mine!


  1. Gosh...on days like that it makes you wonder if it's worth getting out of bed at all..ha ha.
    Hope the week-end is fun-filled. Mine has been filled...WITH WORK! Eleven hours yesterday(Sat) and six today. Oh what fun!!!!

  2. Hope you and the family had a great weekend

    Soggy wet shoes...ooooh, not nice!!

  3. One thing I miss about working at a job outside the home is that "celebration feeling" every Friday evening when I headed home with my paycheck in hand, knowing I had two days to do as I pleased.

    Is this normally the rainy season there?

  4. We had rain like that last Wednesday. I actually said a prayer for the rain not to start that morning until leaving my job interview. At 10:00 a.m. as I emerged from the interview and crossed the parking lot it began to sprinkle...and didn't stop until the next morning. What did I do right? lol

  5. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    Ellen | Believe me when I say I almost called-in sick... sick of going to work, but I have to be responsible for myself, so I dragged my soggy feet to work that day.

    So you had as much fun with work as I have. Life is good, isn't it? Sigh.

    Tanie | Weekend was nice, though a combination of window shopping and staying indoors with family was nice.

    Yep! Soggy wet shoes was the order of the day. Fortunately I have my jacket I wore at the office to keep me from shivering in the air-con cubicle.

    Donna | That is the ultimate feeling besides going on a long weekend... celebrating the weekend with a pocket full of money. Great combination.

    Here, we get our salary monthly instead of weekly... so the wait is longer.

    Here too, is normally warm to hot and humid weather. Monsoon season starts in late October through December.

    Mar and April are usually the hottest months, but not anymore. IT will rain, flood and sunshine any month it pleases now. Free for all weather here... unpredictable nowadays.

    Deejay | Sounds familiar. We were in Ohio for two weeks in December on business trip.

    We wanted so much for snow to fall which it did not until the last few days. And it snowed alright, until we got snowed it for another two days unable to fly home as the airport was closed.

    We ended-up being in the US white winter snowy Christmas... with nothing to eat but pecan pie. Loved the taste by the way. Loved the experience nonetheless.

    Thanks again everyone. Hope you all have a beautiful Springtime.


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