Thursday, October 11, 2007

Zakat And Fitrah

I feel so relieved that I have fulfilled my obligation as a Muslim to pay my dues during this holy month of Ramadan for this year.

In the morning, Wifey and I gave out our Zakat Harta, or savings taxes to the unfortunate someone we know that is close to us... some money to get her by to celebrate Hari Raya Eidulfitri with her son and daughter.

Tonight, via telepoll, I have paid my Zakat Fitrah for the whole of my family of three. My heart feels so happy, partly because Hari Raya is a day away but mostly because my Islamic Taxes have been paid to help other Muslim families that are unfortunate.

I include below a good and concise description of what Ramadan and Zakat are all about from a Zakat booklet distributed to all Muslim households from Singapore's head of Muslim Affairs:

"The arrival of every Ramadan opens wide the doors of Allah's bounty for all Muslims. Fasting is a religious obligation that nurtures the body and soul; an exercise for the restraint of lust so that we do not transgress bounds. Fasting is also a character-shaping experience that aims to elevate the status of human beings. In a Hadith Qudsi, Allah has described fasting as a servant's act of worship dedicated to his God: "Each deed by the son of Adam is for himself except fasting. Verily fasting is Mine and it is I who will give reward for it."

Fasting is not just about abstaining from food and drink in the day. We need to observe the spirit of Ramadan by respecting its sanctity. It is not a month to be lazy or reduce productivity, be it at work or at home, neither is it a month of neglecting our children's studies or to waste on unnecessary things. We need to increase our daily deeds and to stop bad habits. Each and every one of us should abstain from whatever is forbidden in Islam.

Ramadan trains us to better ourselves so that we would become true Muslims. Everything that we do must be done with sincerity and patience in order to achieve good results. Allah has promised boundless rewards and benefits to each faithful person who increases his good deeds during the month of Ramadan.

Apart from fasting, Muslims in Singapore pay their zakat during this month. It is important for each Muslim to fulfill his zakat responsibilities in the correct manner, as required in Islam. Allah has made zakat compulsory as a social justice system for the good of the ummah. If it is not performed as specified by Him, then the outcome will not be as favourable... With transparency and integrity, your zakat will be managed effectively and for the benefit of the ummah.

Let us perfect this Ramadan with a heightened sense of God-consciousness by radiating blessings and compassion to all. Let's make this Ramadan a month full of the beauty of our good deeds, which will bring cheer to our families, neighbours and friends, regardless of race or religion.

Have a blessed Ramadan. May Allah bless our deeds. Amin."


  1. Gosh thank you so much for explaining a custom and belief I clearly didn't grasp fully previously. Thank you

  2. I work with more and more Muslims, it's nice to have this window into their world.

  3. Good for you Imran. you should be proud.

  4. Thanks for the explanations, Imran!

  5. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    Tanie | It was great that the Mufti sums up what Ramadan and how Syawal should be in a concise manner which I will never be able to explain clearly in written words.

    Barbara | Muslims all over the world celebrate quite differently because of tradition, but at the heart of it all, we celebrate the triumph of abstinence from bad deeds.

    Wandi | We are proud and happy to celebrate it. It is the highlight of any Muslim for the year I believe.

    Carol | My pleasure Carol. Nice to see you here again. Miss the marching band though.

    Thanks again all. Wish I could invite everyone to my home for the celebrations.

    Have a great weekend!


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