Sunday, October 14, 2007

Second Day Celebrations

We received a call from Wifey's Sis that her eldest brother and his family from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were coming over to our home for the Hari Raya visits.

We hosted them today. Wifey had been preparing to cook Mee Bakso for them upon my suggestion from so many dishes that she wanted to cook for them before she became so undecided.

Unfortunately, Wifey's little under-the-weather condition did not lightened-up. It left her quite weak and in no mood or strength to cook... we would want to infect our guests either.

So off I went in to buy Murtabak Ayam to serve our guests. It was a challenge though, because most Muslim food stall are closed for several days on end to celebrate this festive occasion.

Only the fourth Indian Muslim stall at Tampines Street 81 I went to was open that sold Murtabak. Phew!

While waiting for the food to be cooked, I could not help but sampled their Prata Kosong with thick beef curry and drown it with coffee for brunch.

Wifey's eldest brother & family from KL

Welcome to our home!

Our guests came at about 3:00pm... Wifey's elder sisters from West Coast and her eldest brother and his family from KL.

It was unfortunate that Wifey's Mom could not come to visit her daughters here in Singapore. She is celebrating with her other sons and daughters, and with her siblings at her home in KL.

It was great of them to make the 5 to 6 hour trip from KL, to cross the border and visit us after about a year of not seeing one another, but only spoken through phone calls from time to time.

While the children played PC and X-Box games in my Son's room, we adults watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity movies on DVDs.

Towards late afternoon, after so much feasting, one by one the children began to dose off. Good food, good games and all energy spent. While they recharge, we adults continue with lots of conversation to catch-up with one another after being apart for a year.

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar (front left) on-board ISS with Expedition 15 & 16 crew

Sharing One Proud Moment...

One topic that cropped-up that is currently hot amongst Malaysians, was the first Malay cosmonaut from Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar who is now on-board the ISS, conducting scientific experiments before coming back to earth after he spends 8 days there.

A great triumph for the Malay race indeed.

We share the proud moments from across the causeway too.

Wifey & her nieces from KL

Like all good things...

Well, as the saying goes... all good things must come to an end.

Our beloved guests left us for yet another year. As always we wish to go to KL one of these days to spend time with them.

Wifey misses her Mom and her siblings have already planned to bring us around KL when we visit them later this year, hopefully.

As Hari Raya is only into its second day, there will be more visitors and visits from us in turn to reconnect long, lost ties with family and long-time friends for this whole month of Syawal.

Looking forward to everyday.


  1. I love how you do so many things with your family - the world would be so much better if all did this.

  2. You are blssed with a lovely family bro - May God protect them and let the love just grow stronger with every breath you take.

    Eid Mubarek!

  3. Hi Imran,

    The joys of having happy families and relatives are definitely endless. And Eid Fitri is one of the occasions to foster and bind the familial ties further.

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to you and family.

  4. So many ''get-togethers'''s great. The quality of the pics is super and the outfits are stunning.If you ever get fed up of the day job Imran, you could open a photography studio and do family portraits.
    Am so glad the celebrations are going well.

  5. Beautiful family pictures with those bright colors!


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