Monday, October 08, 2007

That Goes Bump...

"OK, you tell me when to turn" was the cab driver's jovial response when I told him my destination once I got into his cab this morning.

My cab driver for this morning was a small-build, most probably caffeinated uncle who was bursting with energy.

Driving fast and furious, he was so efficiently scarifying me with his driving skills as he maneuvered past between cars and switching lanes. At one point barely beat the red light along Tampines Avenue 10.

He started-up a chat with me, but I was too distracted with the driving that it took me several seconds lag before I could answer him. I eventually stopped responding to his questions by acting busy tapping my PDA away... to let him just concentrate of his "race."

It is not uncommon for cab drivers to scamper around fast just to be able to squeeze time to get as many trips as possible. The morning peak hours surcharge of S$2.00 per trip excluding the metered fare is lucrative draw in itself... but this ride takes the cake for teleportating passengers from point A to point B.

Just when it was about 60 metres away from my workplace, this cab driver finally succumbed to the lure of bumper to bumper kiss for tailgating a white van too closely as we approached the traffic light.

A screech and then a loud thud was felt, though it did not jerk me forward that hard, it was a good enough kiss on the backside of the van that made its driver quickly jumped out of his vehicle to inspect the damage.

My feisty cab driver got out from his cab too and the two started talking in their native Hokkien language.

"Great! Will I be late for work now..." I thought to myself, "should I be a witness if this dispute gets out of hand." I wondered. I should be thanking The Almighty for keeping me safe instead.

Fortunately, there was no dent at all to the van nor to the cab itself. I guess with the little cab driver's apologetic gestures and big innocent smiles, the driver of the white van went on his way without the situation turning ugly.

"Nothing... lah!" he assured me as he got back into the cab, "just a little bump. That's all." Or was he soothing himself?

I alighted and while giving him the exact fare, I gave him a gentle reminder as well... to take care of himself and others while driving on the road. "You gave me a scare with your driving."

You got off easy this time... was actually what my mind was saying. I got off unscathed.

"OK, thank you! Thank you!" as he nodded and smiled at me as I closed the cab door.

Wonder if the 4D numbers will strike... will be my colleagues' spontaneous thought of my story if I had told them... cab number 6420, van number 6555. Pick your number guys!


  1. Glad you are okay? Did your numbers come in?

  2. What a story! Do all cars there drive from the right side?

  3. Scarifying ... Excellent use of verbiage! Glad everything was okay.

  4. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Barbara | Nothing serious, just a little bump. I don't know because I don't gamble, but I bet there is another 4D number that isn't mine cause it would need a terrible enough accident for the number to come in!

    Andrew | It was the closest to an accident for me which I hope I will not have to witness or be involved in.

    Yes, all Singapore vehicles drive from the right side. We follow the British colonial way like the metrics system, etc.

    Deejay | With the car going almost at the speed of sound and the toss and sharp turns, I was being shaken like martini... though I don't drink.

    I was sure glad to be out of the cab, though.

    Thanks again. Have a good day!

  5. Gosh.If you were a little sleepy at the start of this journey, you sure wouldn't have been with driving like that cabbies!!! Jeepers. I hate going fast. I'm afraid I would have been less polite...would have poked him in the back and said ''better to be five minutes later in this life, than five minutes earlier in the next''.!!!!

  6. Hello Ellen,

    Great that you got time to blog-surf. Miss you there.

    I guess I was guilty too for not reminding him. It would have gotten me to work a little earlier, but it certainly not worth it as I have been reminded with that bump.

    That is a great quote "Better to be 5 minutes later in this life, than 5 mins earlier in the next!"

    Don't mind if I use it.

    Have a great weekend, my dear friend.


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