Sunday, September 02, 2007

We Got One!

Like a breakthrough in Ghost Busters movie, we found ours. The search is over!

The quest for the Great Room Divider, partition or folding screen... whichever name you want to call it has been won!

Sign, sealed, delivered... "by Wednesday, 5th August, between 10:00am to 1:00pm, Ma'am." Salimah, the sales lady said. Yes!

Finally we have settled for the first one we ever laid eyes before the big quest started, at Barang Barang in Singapore Post building... after tracking to Harvey Norman at Millenia Walk and several other furniture stores at Marina Square and Suntec City... and lastly at Parkway Parade.

The heavens have truly gave us a blessing when we returned back to Barang Barang; resigned to the Solomon Divider "with Lava Motif" as it was my first choice anyway, to find it selling at 50% off this time! No Way...! Way! Yes!!!

So instead of the actual price of $690.00, we got it for half. The uncertainties and delays turned out to be a blessing in disguise for us.

Done! Our home furnishing "project" is now complete as far as "sourcing" is concern.

After 6 years, we finally replaced our sofa set, which triggered everything else. The need for new drapes custom-made with dark-wood poles to match the deco.

That replacement triggered what Wifey has been nagging about for sometime, the need for a room divider for more privacy against the peering neighbors passing by our front door.

Which then led to complementing the room divider itself by filling the void with a modern-classic mango-wood vase.

That is not all.

The dark-wood furniture will not standout if the walls were not painted off-white, to create that Zen-Balinese, resort-like feel. So the painters will come to start painting the living hall with ICI Pearl-Glo Apple-White this Thursday for the last stack of my S$550.00!

That is it! No more money will be spent on home deco for the next 5 years! Please!

We do feel that we went a "tat" overboard with the revamp of our home... typical of many Malays who are very house-proud. It becomes more intense usually when Hari Raya is nearing.

Coincidentally, we will be celebrating it this 13th October 2007. Or is it?

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  1. Imran, please post a picture when it's all finished, it sounds wonderful!


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