Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Four-Wheeled Drive

All the household interior deco stuff are complete. Now, a new quest to look for a set of wheels is on!

No, not a car... although I could easily wished for that, I am looking for a set of wheel-chair for my Mom.

After more than 4 years since she had her current Transport Chair model 785B, it has come for her to get a new one... simply because it broke.

We were out shopping at Singapore Expo for some bargains at John Little Mega Sale when Mom's Transport Chair's left front flat-free-wheel went, well... flat!

The rubber wheels had become brittle and started to flake into chunks and finally came off the rim... timely so, right at the entrance to the John Little expo sale.

So, without the aid of her transport chair, she and Dad were stranded outside while Wifey, Son and myself, together with my Sis and Niece, went in to do our shopping.

We felt bad, but she insisted that we "grab" what we intended to get especially for the preparation of Hari Raya Eidulfitri on 13th October 2007.

Fortunately, she got several items she bought earlier from the other expo hall organized by Jamiyah, showcasing Malay and regional Islamic merchandise by foreign embassies here especially for Ramadhan and Hari Raya.

At least it was not a total loss for her, even with her "four-wheel drive" having a flat.

We went to Bedok Central afterwards to check at Unity Pharmacy for a new model, preferably a lighter weight than her current, but was not available. The sales girl was helpful to lead us to more new model options at their Toa Payoh Head Office and at Novena Medical Centre retail outlet.

Wifey called today to inquire on the repair cost and new models available. Fortunately, with a difference of S$60.00 we can get a new, lighter-weight model at 10kg. It is also compact enough to fit into a trunk of a car.

I told Mom about the good news over the phone today. She and Dad happily preferred a new transport chair for S$199.00 than repairing the old one.

So I will going to Novena Medical Centre; situated opposite Tan Tock Seng Hospital where Mom had been getting her therapies for her back pains, right after work to purchase that spiffy model KY865LJ Lavender Transport Chair .

I intend to surprise her as a gift from Wifey and I for Ramadhan instead.

She should be thrilled to be mobile again in her new "set of wheels," going for shoppings and outings with all of us.

Life is simple and beautiful.


  1. Cool Imran sounds good yes I think mom deserves a new chair, you and your family are such a blessing to your wonderful parents. Update us on the earthquake we are waiting to hear.

  2. A flat costs a lot on a wheel chair! I'm glad Mom will be mobile again soon. Good thing she had already got some shopping in. I see it's genetic.

  3. And what a smart chair it is too.

    I suppose like all things new, it will take a while for her to get used to and it looks really comfortable.
    You are a good son and daughter-in-law.Not all elderly people are as lucky, as you explain in your other post about the lady selling crackers.


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