Saturday, September 15, 2007

Three's A Charm

Both Mom and Dad were pleasantly surprised when Wifey and I showed up at their doorstep with the new Transport Chair I promised to get for Mom.

We left home before noon to Novena Medical Centre and were fortunate to have the model that we inquired via phone was waiting for us in a box at the showroom.

Thank you Ms. Ice for sending a set in anticipation that we would visit the showroom.

My parents were equally surprised that it was a gift from both of us. Those bright smiles as they both look into my eyes were priceless. I think I felt happier and thrilled more than they were.

Mom is mobile again!

We could only be there for a while before Wifey and I had to fly to hunt for an artificial plant for our home... yes the home deco bug again.

Apparently, the Mango-wood vase we bought earlier demands a prominent place in our living room than being blended into the Solomon's Lava Motif Room Divider at the foyer. It needs its own place to stand-out.

Wifey found Hoi Kee Flower Shop in the yellow pages and we surfed its website to find some artificial plants that were 5 to 7 feet high.

It was suitable for the foyer and softened the entrance with the already strong, straight lines being broken down with the plant's leafy form and color.

Wifey just loved the 7 feet double Fountain Palm when she set her eyes on it as we entered the shop. It was selling for S$165.00 including 3 packets of clay pallets to fill the pot with.

Fortunately, the leaves could be detached from the trunk to fit into a cab, but before that we headed across to Golden Mile Food Centre to buy packet-dinners for our fasting break in this month of Ramadhan.

The two Indian food stalls are well known for their tasty dishes that even the arguably infamous Singapore Airlines mentions their stalls in its in-flight videos to inform visitors about good food whereabouts.

We also met a local "celebrity" at the entrance to the food centre.

Seated at the corner pillar with a partial sunlight hitting her face, Nek, an 89 year old lady who appeared in the Malay newspaper several times, waved-out to call us to buy her fried crackers.

Without any children from her marriage, her late husband had left her alone to fend for herself.

That heart-breaking sight was in fact a picture of resilience and independence... written on that old, wrinkled face was a hard life reinforced with an iron will-power.

Not wanting any sympathy, and refused when offered to stay in an old folks' home, she earns her money through an honest day's work selling 50 cents a pack crackers.

The newspaper article rad that she fried and packed the crackers at home all by herself to sell for the day. Coincidently, the article appeared in the month of Ramadhan a year ago.

I took three packets and gave her $10.00... not as alms, but a token of my admiration for her fighting spirit, for she warmed my heart instantaneously.

She accepted my gift and said a few words that were too soft to be heard. She gave us a big toothless smile as she looked at us while we took our leave.

This has been a great weekend for me personally.

Wifey and I made two of our old folks happy while we are ecstatic to get our guaranteed not-to-wilt Fountain Palm into the cab as we headed home.

Life is beautiful when we make it to be.


  1. People like you make the earth a better place to live. your acts of kindness enrich us all.

  2. I only hope that my children will be as thoughtful as you are. You are a great man!

  3. "Life is beautiful when we make it to be."

    That's so true... btw, ramadhan mubarek bro!

  4. It's fun to be able to bless our parents after all the blessings they have thrown our way throughout our lifetimes!

  5. The happiest people in the world are the most generous. No wonder you are so happy, Imran!

  6. Hi Imran
    You haven't posted for a while, which isn't like you. I do hope everything is OK with you and yours.


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