Monday, July 30, 2007

Me Versus Mondays

I hate Mondays... the general sentiment of many, I am sure.

As for my case, I simply do not enjoy my work anymore...

Maybe it is because of the constantly and rapidly changing working environment that makes me feel out of control.

Maybe it is because of the way things are done in this new environment that I do not feel it is the right way to do things, simply because they have been doing it that way for centuries.

Or... maybe because after 15 years of working in the same company, I can finally say that I have lost my bearings and am without motivation.

Maybe, it is all of the above!

So, what should I do about it?

Nothing. Yes, nothing.... I am so darn lazy to do anything to rectify the situation. Most probably I am afraid of change... most definitely!

Why fix something that is not broken?

Aha! That is my frightened yet lazy conscience talking.

Am I wasting away here?

All these inner struggles criss-crossing in my mind... just about every Monday!

The fact that 3 more colleagues have call it quits in this place and moved on... makes me wonder if they are making the right decision, that I should be making too.

And the fact that whomever that is left seems as unmotivated with their morale at an all-time low, like at the bottom of a old, slimy barrel as I am feeling today.

Yes, it is Monday. So why the rants?

As I was heading for work this morning, I was caught in a bad traffic jam. Yes, the Monday hustle.

Strangely, the traffic jam was not on the highway, but was just after exiting via Sengkang East and onto Buangkok Green. The usual route that has always been smooth had suddenly came a crawling... bumper-to-bumper... "late-for-work-at-the-start-of-the-week" stressful-kind of traffic jam.

My first angry thought was of some stupid, badly planned road-works ahead, so I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo of the road condition while in the cab. Just so I have evidence that was a good enough reason to justify my being dead-late... something that was out of my control.

As my cab neared the junction after Seagate building, I snapped another time thinking it was that stupid road works... but alas, it was something unfortunate. It was something worse.

Someone had died. A victim of a road accident. A motorbike, a cab and a car at the junction. I felt disgusted with myself for taking a picture of someone's misfortune.

"It is tragic for that person who went out to earn a living and ended giving-up his or her life." I lamented out loud to the cab driver.

It would be a devastating news for the people he or she had left behind... I thought quietly in my heart. I said a little prayer for that poor soul as the cab neared where I was alighting.

Like most times, again... here I am complaining a bluer than blue Monday, and it has pointed out to me again and again to witness or hear of something tragic.

I know that I have it good, that I should count my blessings... that I should stop complaining.

Yes, I am blessed. Still, I hate Mondays until I do something about it...


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  2. I can relate to you about the job and not being able to do anything about it. I too do not enjoy my job. Actually it is more the management that I do not enjoy. The job is okay. I like the benefits, job security, and retirement benifits. If I was to quit and look for something new I would be giving up all that I have put into my retirement. So I feel kinda stuck right now. I guess you have to do what is right for you and your family. Good luck.

  3. I'm sorry about your Monday Imran, and about how you're feeling in general about work. You find such satisfaction in your family life, it's a big contrast that your work life is disappointing. I hope that you'll find a way to make this better so you can be your usual optimistic, curious, engaged self, even on Mondays!

  4. I think many ppl share your (& Garfields thoughts) regarding disliking mondays...

  5. Imran - I hope you can find your motivation again and that work is something that can bring joy to your life.

  6. Oh Imran gosh you share the same dread...Don't let the Monday Madness robb you of a single day. "This is the day the Lord has made I will be glad and rejoice in it". Amen to that. You are a worthy human being and God wants you to live and He made Mondays. I don't see why you won't go boldly to the throne and ask God for a blessing that would over-ride the curse...Know what I mean..giggle. I moved from Malibu California for all the death surrounding me as people drive the PCH at 100 miles and hour. Gosh we just prayed when that bridge collapsed yesterday..Our son use to drive over that bridge every day, That was a few years ago. He called us from Alaska just shocked. I'm going to lift you in prayer tonight with hubbie to see if God has something for youthat might be a diffrent path to pursue. I love the Bible verse that says:
    God speaking: For I alone know the plans for you, plans for prosperiety and not diaster, plans for the future you hope for." Jeremiah 29:11 We dumped the money and the million dollar home to come here, it's not easy but God helped us through all the tough tough times here. People said to us and family "aren't you scared?" I replied with the verse above and said NO! So with the Good Lord anything is possible for you and me...

  7. I have only worked her for 7 years and feel like it is time for me to do something else with my life. I just don't seem to have the time to find another careeer. Also I have the lazy habit of not wanting to have to change to just do what I did yesterday. It is sad to see the kind of accident you saw. I feel bad for anyone who dies in an accident. I prey that he had a great life and know that his love ones will miss him so.

  8. Gosh Imran. Do you remember the little story I posted on my blog a while back about the guy shouting out on the street and I jumped to the wrong conclusions? He was in distress and I didn't see it! We all do it, we are only human.

    I hate Mondays too, they fill me with dread. In fact my feelings start on Sunday nights through into Mondays.

    When moral is low at work, it affects everyone, even the most motivated of people.

    Maybe re-assess your mood on a Tuesday and take it from there.


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