Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!

Wishing Muslims the all world over,
E'id Mubarak

May there be peace on earth,
Among humans of all creed, race and faith.


  1. Hello my friend Muhd! I was glad to see a post! I have been more on facebook and less on my blog, which I do miss a lot. Guess the "instant" gratification of fb is what gets me ... but I miss you!! I hope your Muslim holiday was very nice for you. I loved that when I got on here your virtual kitty Belang started purring and meowing at me. Now she just curled up in a ball and gave up on me feeding her ;o( (sorry, Belang!) I hope you and your families are very well and send highest and best wishes to you. Keep posting ... and I do my best not to neglect my blog, also. Peace, Brother!

  2. p.s. I fed the hamster 2 strawberries and petted Belang quite awhile and he licked the screen and "made bread" (as we call it, with her paws ;oD)

  3. Hello Kylita,

    It's indeed nice for me to receive your message. Thanks for stopping by. This blog doesn't deserve anybody coming in anymore, since it has not been update consistently anymore. Yet, I am very happy that you really took the time to write. I'm sorry too for not stopping by yours or anybody's blog for a very long time too.

    I'm on FB too but a passive user. I read about others but seldom update mine. I have lost interest to some degree to update anything on the virtual world nowadays. I don't know why and can't really figure it out.

    I do hope you and Hubby are doing great. Have a great weekend dear friend!

  4. Oh thank you for responding, Muhd! And for posting on my blog. I think perhaps you have better things to do, maybe, than hang out in the virtual world so much, eh? I feel an addiction to facebook sometimes like I used to my blog ... and I have tried to find you on fb but hard to believe there are a lot of people with your name!!! I should be the only KyleLynn Haswell if you'd like to join. Just beware ... quite a variety of folks ;oD ... I am picky, though, so everyone I do love. I haven't read your latest post, so I will go and do that now. We are fine here and send good wishes to you and your Wifey and Sonny. I bet he is going thru lots of school now, right? Much blessings to you. Again, thank you, Muhd, and for the story about your voice. That was nice ... and I'm glad my story made you laugh... it was rather a tongue-in-cheek rant being partly funny and party upset about it ... just 'cause it happened a few times at once and brought it up to me as a possible blog story. Take care!


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