Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Morning After...

Wifey and I really tried to stay up after eleven last night but we just could not stay awake.

I was the loser, I dozed off while the hotly televised results were under way. I knew that because Wifey kept waking me up and finally woke me up the last time to tell me to get into bed... which I did.

Woke up early this Sunday morning just like any other weekday and was surprised the newspapers were not already slotted between the grill of my front door gate. I turned to my iMac instead to get the full results... Wifey was still sleeping soundly.

What I saw was not a surprise at all. It was expected of, as it was for all those terms before...

Eighty-one out of eighty-seven seats contested were won by the incumbent party. The opposition won a Group Representative Constituency or GRC and a Single M Constituency or SMC. That was a change... a small change, but nonetheless, a change.

What really surprised me was the losing of Potong Pasir constituency. A stronghold of the another and only opposition party since 1984 was "returned" back to the incumbent. This party lost everything as far as holding a ward is concern but being given a seat as a Non-constituency Minister in parliament is anything but a consolation.

With that, life moves on for all citizens. Yesterday's polling day was just another routine mandatory motion for most of the voting mass, I think. This island is just too small a pool of people to really have credible political parties from both sides, or from all the sides for that matter with the 7 parties in total that had contested in this general election.

It is now time to see how much the promises both parties had promised can be delivered. Life goes on after much huh-ha had unfolded for the past few weeks leading to the election day.

Tomorrow is a holiday for some work places but not mine. I get an annual leave credited as a replacement holiday, so I have to go to work on Monday... Life goes on.


  1. Well, maybe politics isn't so different there.

  2. Hi Imran!
    We had an election here in Canada on May 2nd. Probably our election system is different and I don't even totally understand it, but it was exciting.
    My team won :)

  3. I saw one of your political leaders in an hour interview on Charlie Rose. He is on PBS. It was so interesting and learned a lot about whats going on in your country. We are going through some radical changes ourselves here. It started out bad of late, but just recently I can tell that people are finally waking up to lies and people only running for elections for profit. Our country is finally learning that "we the people" are going to vote what we recently learned...we're going to vote for people who have some kind of a conscience!

    Hang in there my friend. Life can only be taken one day at a time..something I am really learning more than ever these days!




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