Saturday, May 14, 2011

All About Mothers

Mother's Day had passed and gone. But the celebration is still ongoing as far as this family is concern.

I did not get to celebrate it on the actual day that was on 8th May with the rest of my siblings, but I got to celebrate with her a little later and all to myself today. Moreover, I got to celebrate this special day with two of my favourite ladies!

Took leave off work to accompany Mom to TTSH for her routine checkup this morning. The first appointment was at 10:40AM at the Geriatric Clinic with Dr. Ian Leong... Mom's favourite specialist, just because he is a pleasant and patient person who is always generous with his smile.

All went well. Mom's blood pressure was normal... the first time I had witness as such! Her ECG was normal too.

She put on over a kilogram of weight unfortunately... the downside of happiness, I suppose. Now that her diet, housework and general well being at home are all taken care of by the maid. It helps too that she has religiously taken her medications exactly as prescribed.

Dr Ian was happy that all was looking good. He gave a four-month interval before Mom's next follow-up.

Next appointment was at 11:45AM with Dr FC Yong, Senior Orthopedics Consultant. Mom's right wrist was weak and often felt numb. With several therapies at the Occupational Therapy Clinic and the night wrist brace that she wore everyday for the past two months, the normal functions of her hand is now restored, though not fully. Dr. Yong said eventually since she had shown a marked improvement with his test during the consultation.

Mom will see him for a routine follow-up in three months time before he finally releases her with an open date.

All is well at the hospital. It was then time for the planned celebrations.

Mom, myself and her maid made our way to Harbourfront Mall after our lunch. We took the MRT and Northeast Line to get there, since Mom wanted to got o Sentosa. Wifey joined us there from home.

We made our way to Sentosa Resort Island via the Sentosa Boardwalk. We spent hours sightseeing on the island. It gave me a warm feeling to see them both interacted with one another so lively and lovingly. Between them, they had so much to talk about, so much laughter the whole day. I just relished at the sight.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity given to me with these two favourite ladies in my life. Happy Mother's Day my dear ladies!


  1. I had been wondering, on my visits to your blog, how your mother was doing. Thanks for the update; seems as though all is well with her, all things considered.

  2. A day out with her Son would be Mother's Day for any Mom. It looks like it was a fun day too.

  3. It was so nice and read and "see" your mother and wife...they both look wonderful. I think your wife has a beautiful face. So happy to read that things are improving for your mother since her and all of your loss of your father. I fell he is still with you in "heart"...I am sure you know what I mean.

    Hope your doing well Muhd.




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