Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pride & Joy

Niece & Hubby in a Kompang Procession on their wedding day

Held over the weekend, she had her dream wedding day fulfilled.

Long were the days when weddings were held in kampongs with the whole village getting into the spirit of camaraderie and pitched to make each occasion a success for the hosting family, this day and age, all amenities are so convenient and help, instant.

I do not go to too many weddings but the ones I had attended throughout the years had gained in scale and awe factor... all that you need is a deep pocket because it has become a one-stop-service centre to make your wedding day a success and an unforgettable one.

Niece's Wedding Banquest @ Kaki Bukit CC

Niece's wedding was held at Kaki Bukit Community Centre hall. The place is easy to find, large and bright, and especially welcoming was the air-conditioned hall in this hot and humid environment... a boon for the ladies with their colourful and often times, shimmering dresses, the air-condition helps them tremendously to keep themselves cool and beautiful all day long.

From the food catering, to the logistics and wedding dais, the whole setup looked marvelous and grand. So pleasing to the visitors to stay longer and reconnect with distant relations and old acquaintances.

Brother, Mom, Couple & Sis-in-law
Mom unable to go on stage, so wedding couple joined her

The food was sinfully scrumptious! Beryani Dam and curry, with a side of large prawns in black pepper, chicken cutlets in sweat-sour source were a heavenly combination. The large spread of deserts complete the menu perfectly.

All that fine food is not for the people who count calories but since it was a special occasion, old folks had to enjoy them in moderation.

Mom putting a brave front without Dad with the happy couple

Wifey loved all the dresses that Niece was wearing at different times of the day... "I would definitely pick the ones she chose... she has great taste." Wifey was telling me, obviously excited and happy for her. Most probably it brought back many fond memories of our wedding.

The highlight of the wedding must have probably been the grand entrance of the groom as he arrived at the bride banquet.

Kuda Kepang Ladies in Kompang Procession

Again, long gone was the "normal" kompang procession of the groom as he approaches the bride's home. Niece's was an elaborate procession in Javanese influence... kuda kepang ladies dancing and leading the procession, fronted by a pair of "warriors" with wicked shield and spears and guarded at the sides by a pair of escorts carrying bunga mangga and another with a three-tiered umbrella, of old Javanese-Hindu influence.

Festive Bunga Mangga decoration

The bridegroom, all dressed up in his finest and accompanied by his best man, walked down in a procession of loud kompang, deep bass drum, gong and a Javanese version of the xylophone... all making interesting ethnic music, signalling from afar of the groom's arrival.

Groom getting permission to join his wife on the dais

The height of the day was the meeting of the couple at the dais, sitting together as husband and wife, as king and queen for the day, witnessed by all their loved ones and sharing their joy with them.

Photo-taking was a big challenge for the DJ. The large turn-out of guests - from family members to relatives and friends lined up to the stage, waiting for their turn to capture the special moment with the couple. It was a long process but a non-stressful one.

Wedding days are the best days to meet up with long-lost relations... from old villagers to high school mates. Chances are somebody is married to someone you knew long ago and someone is someone else's in-law or something. Singapore is a small island, so chances are you will meet an old friend, cousin or a distant uncle or aunt.

As for me, I got to meet in person again, my play mates from the village. We were children playing endless times then but now we have children of our own... in a different setting, in this modern day.

The experience is just priceless!

Just wished I brought my dSLR with me. Yet again, my iPhone camera saved the day, at least.

To my Niece and her Hubby,

May you both be blessed in joyful union
May you build a beautiful life together
Building a happy family of your very own

Courtesy of Younger Niece's Family Photo from Facebook


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! It looked like there was a whole town-full of people there. I'll bet the food was delicious.

  2. Hi there

    As always, great pics as you share this wonderful day with us.
    I love the idea that the bride weras more than one dress on her speciakl day. Here, traditionally, the bride weras one wedding dress all day and may change into another outfit during the evening and night time celebrations.

    A great opportunity to meet up with others, like you say. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week friend.

  3. What a joyful day for your family, Muhd! I especially like the family photo at the end of the post. I hope your Mom is in better health and spirits as the days go by. It's good she could be with you and your wife this day.


  4. Hi there, you have a great blog there and I did enjoy reading it. Those images are just as great.

    Have a nice day.

  5. Where are you!? Hope all is well. I myself have been hanging out more on facebook lately and haven't blogged in awhile. I did get 4 rolls of film developed with a CD to put on my computer, so hopefully soon I will post something new. Blessings to you and all your beautiful family.


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