Saturday, October 02, 2010

Back In Time

Saturday held a pleasant surprise for Wifey and I.

It was suppose to be a quick errand. Wifey got back from her pottery class in the early afternoon and could not wait to buy the paints for her pottery she had already made, several of them waiting to be hand-painted in the next phase of her masterpiece creation.

She managed to drag me along to ArtFriend to get her pottery supplies after waiting for me to finish submitting my monthly report for work from home... I would have submitted by the week's end but took Friday off work to accompany Mom to her Geriatric consultant at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

We were there just about an hour before the closing at 6:30PM to make purchases. I made a early purchase too for our upcoming involvement with Sonny's school in their Enviro-Life Science Symposium.

Our Parent Support Group we call DSP will have a big booth, just like last year to help drive home eco-friendly messages to the visitors at the event. A showcase to the visiting teaching professionals and potential primary school students and their parents, to introduce the school for their pick for their secondary school education.

On our way back, we spotted large banners and flags about Rihlah Exhibition at the National Library. The free-entry exhibition on the tenth floor, showcased the origins of Arab immigrants in Singapore and parts of Southeast Asia... a free education for the public and definitely an interesting topic and the right time and place for Wifey and I.

A simple but very informative museum setup displayed artifacts from yesteryear, on loan from both locals and the Mediterranean... the origin of the most of the Arab ancestors who settled here centuries ago.

I should have brought my dSLR with me whenever we stepped out of our home. We never know what happenings and activities are help outside that are worth capturing its moments. Alas, my iPhone was the next best thing to capture this rare event.

Kudos to National Library Board for organising this public education to both locals, foreigners and especially to the many new immigrants here.

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