Monday, July 19, 2010

One Moon Hiatus

It has been over a month since my last post.

I felt guilty for not updating, even more so for not blog-surfing to the places I have always been a regular visitor at.

I know I had to at least update something on my blog, just to tell those that do come in that I am alright and that I am just too swamped with so many things that I do not have enough time to do the things that I like and have always been doing... to blog and read blogs.

I am glad that I get some genuinely concerns about my well-being but I do however, apologize for the dead-silence, the non-activity all this while.

Strangely enough, I have been blogging... but offline. I wrote many posts on my iPhone Note application while I travelled to and from work this past month. Only thing is, I did not have time or simply the energy left to switch on my iMac and post them.

Believe me, the name of my blog and the slogan "picture-book" it has, have many pictures that come with the posts that I have written... I just could not find time to merge them together fast enough to post on the same day or two after I wrote my journal; however mundane or insignificant they are.

I dragged the time from one post to another, and before I know it, it has been a month since my last... I lost track of time... between work, family, my Mom and my health, I was left with none for blogging. Sigh.

I have just recovered from a bad case of flu... headache, migraine, stress, lost. Yes, I was lost for some reason. Lost as in "what the hell was I sick from!"

The doctor said I was not having flu, though the whole of my body ached. My head was throbbing and my nape was stiff and painful, but my blood pressure was normal when he checked it!

All the sickness I was feeling was intangible! Nothing to show the doctor that I was indeed in pain... except for the three large ulcers in my mouth that I am still nursing. All three, under and on the left of my tongue. The only thing that was showing for the doctor.

This has been the worst mouth ulcers I have ever experienced. It was so painful that my right ear became tender to the touch. I had lumps formed under the jawline that were tender and the tenderness stretched all the way down to my neck around the throat area.

I could not talk and screamed silently in pain whenever I drank or eat. I was on medical leave for a day and was high on Pacofen painkillers for the next three days. Till today, I am numbing my ulcers with Orased Jel before meal times.

Last weekend was the worst of weekends. I broke the record of not touching my iMac. Instead, I was in a daze for the most part of the day and night after taken my cough medicines and painkillers. It was not a pretty sight.

I braved a grocery shopping with Wifey late Saturday afternoon, I just had to get out of the house to make my weekend worthy for me but spent most of the time seated on the bench waiting for her to come back and forth, like a busy bee to its hive. Poor Wifey! She had to do all that shopping while I gave some burst of manly energy to carry the load up the bus and up to our home, where I laid flat once again and into oblivion.

Now I will have to tweak my posts because I have to backdate them... or do I? We will see.

I have to post them because they are fond memories of the good things that have happened to me and my family through the course of this past month, like our birthdays and the celebrations, our first Jasmine blooms, my first Tommy Hilfiger, our Kranji Nature Walk and many other stuff... for posterity, maybe.

Thank you SisStar Kylita and Rhiannon for coming by and giving me some energy to jolt my blog back into life.


  1. So glad to see your blog post. I have been worried about you. Could you be having an allergic reaction to something you are eating or being exposed to? I get symptoms like you mentioned on and off and I can always tell when I have eaten or taken something that I have reacted to...have you ever tried Aloe vera gel? We can get the basic aloe vera gel in a bottle and you can either add just a few tear drop size of the gel into a green tead or something..aloe vera gel soothes all mucus membranes throughout the whole body if you can drink the tea with the aloe in it. Also the stress your under and the difficult year you have been going through..try and take care of "you" as all your family and friends need you to take good care of you too!!

    So glad to hear whats been going on with you..good or bad..let us know...we are here.

    I am dedicating my blog for a while for Love and Peace and to stop the wars in this world..hope you may get the time to drop by.

    Take a lot of deep long breaths when getting into be to relax you..believe me I know all about the "stress of life"...we all deserve a be good to yourself my friend.

    Love and Blessings coming your way to you,


  2. So very good to hear from you again, Muhd!! I have to add my "2 cents worth" about your mouth ulcers ... if you could use some plain good quality yogurt and hold it in your mouth and swish it around in there, and perhaps take some acidophilus (the good bacteria which is in yogurt) capsules ... it might be very helpful, esp in helping it to ease the pain.
    One time we had tons of fresh tomatoes and I ate so many of them, the acid from them gave me canker sores in my mouth -- 15 of them!!! Oh, it was so painful. I'm not thinking that yours are canker sores, esp if your glands are affected, but it could be something off balance in your acid/alkaline system. Hope you are well and NOT in pain very soon!!!
    Will write again ... I have an hour to get ready for work and I sit here blogging - but of course! ;oD
    Glad my blog gave you a smile! Hearing from you did it for me, and the photo of your jasmine was exquisite! Would you allow me to copy it just for myself, maybe a post on my blog with credit to you? It is just beautiful.

  3. Oh my gosh, i hope that pain and sores end very soon for you. I know when i was on some certain medication I got like 3 holes in my tongue, it was from my teeth. They were deep, and would not heal, and it made my throat and ears hurt so bad. I bet yours are tons worse, and I can only sympathize with you on it.

    At least you weren't gone as long as I was. hahahaha Good to see you again my friend.


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