Friday, July 23, 2010

Lapping It Up

I received my company-ordered laptop today after a two-day delay from it's delivery date.

It's a bittersweet feeling of sorts.

One one hand, I have a totally new toy... A new i5 motherboard laptop instead of a "hand-me-down" that runs blazingly fast when compared to my old Pentium 4 desktop.

Over the many years, my desktop has developed a mind of its own, like Skynet, being self-aware in Terminator. It reboots at it's own whim and crashing some particularly an application that is crucial to my well-being at work.

So I've developed a CTRL-S trigger finger whenever I do my spreadsheets and stuff. I'd have to save it consistently while working on it to avoid the changes and updates done so far being wiped out and ending up redoing it all over again.

One the other hand, the laptop being a company's asset, I'm not at liberty to install the applications that I fancy and those that should be a given... "only authorized applications allowed." So I have a new toy but with oh, so old games.

Most of all, it being portable means I have to lug it around to and from work and eliminates my chance to state a standard reply of "I'll get right on it once I am back at the office" when I receive adhoc, work-related queries on weekends.

Staying positive, it should not hanker me down so much because, thus far, it has not been often to receive "work" on weekends; when time is dedicated to spending with my precious Wifey and Sonny as far as my priorities are concern.

On that note, staying positive still, I'll use that extra weight of two kilograms or so to do my cardio when I climb up the stairs to my fourth floor office, five times a week.

Well, I will be very busy these coming few days where I have to migrate all the work stuff from the desktop to this laptop.

IT will configure it to the work domain and install all the work applications like SAP and corporate anti-virus and then I'll be all set... Open for business, as usual.

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  1. It looks very nice indeed...but like you say, you can't customise it to your personal requirements.
    Technology is always moving forward. I honestly can't keep up with it all.

    Sorry I haven't been around for a while but have had a few techy problems. Back online now and catching up...hope you are well.


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